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  1. Awesome man thanks, fingers crossed I can follow the directions correctly on installing them lol
  2. Soly what do you use to get that layout of your HUD, I like that sleek and updated look
  3. If I had to pick an eevee, I suppose I'd go with Umbreon, but I'm more of a Scyther guy personally Welcome to the server
  4. Freshly baked tollhouse cookies... Im pretty sure i can die happy now :D

    1. Cyane


      choko cookies?

    2. Fatheruvwar


      hell yea, chocolate chip cookies for all!

  5. The character that has that mag. When you log into the game you have 4 character slots, which slot is that character in? 1 2 3 4
  6. Coffee, you make me so happy in the morning

    1. Cyane


      Coffee knows how you feel >;

    2. Hykaro


      Junkys O.O

  7. When you create a character, you can have a 10 character name put in, however, only 9 characters are displayed in the game. So my question is, will there ever be a fix to this?
  8. What the hell? Im at a loss for words over that one. I guess im thankful that my items aren't disappearing. Thanks for the info guys, I guess the next one I get will just be for display lol
  9. First character slot Rashiir About a week ago I bought a Pheonix Claw from Cyane. I just happened to be browsing through my bank today and its not there. It seems to be the only item im missing. Heres a pick of when I got it. Has anyone else had items disappear? Is there anything that can be done for me?
  10. I just bit the bullet and started a blank mag, bought some items to get me started again, better believe I'm taking pictures now lol
  11. I read the requirements for the rollback and pretty much got my answer. Do you guys recommend periodically taking screen shots of inventory to be prepared when this happens?
  12. Ok I'll get it in as soon as I am able to thanks I just got home and signed in, and now all the items that had X???? are gone from my inventory. Is there anything I can do or am I pretty much S.O.L?
  13. It was about 30 min before my post if that helps
  14. I'm sorry I don't know what the server time was or how to post a picture
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