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  1. Looking to buy as many as I can find if there are any left out there.
  2. So, I'm looking for Charge Vulcan because I can't find some... I don't know the price of these. Have a nice day.
  3. Hi! Im looking for a crush bullet that has Native, A.Beast and Hit, or any other 3 stat Crush bullet with Hit. If you want to sell me your Crush Bullet please tell me the price you are willing to sell it for.
  4. a player on my team is looking for a Heavens striker I thought I would buy it for them PM me if you got one for sale
  5. SO, I am looking for 2 things: -The price of a 0/150/50/0 Mag with Mylla & Youlla. -If it is <4 pd, I am buying it. Have a nice day (or night :P)
  6. Hello guys I am looking for a Panzer faust with some stat. I think i dont really need hit because if it had, it would be too expensive And a Ria5 blank. Tyvm
  7. Name yer prices and as long as it aint ridiculous i'll buy. Need em for my RAcast. I got 27 photon drops so yeh just name yer prices. Hopefully 27 is enough for those.
  8. Buying a rianov 5, don't care much about its' stats
  9. Buying 120 Power, 30 Luck, and 124 HP Materials!
  10. PM please - Thank you!
  11. Buying POST, growing impatient waiting for the event.
  12. Hey guys, looking for a forest green sato mag for hucaseal.
  13. As the title states I'm looking to buy one or both of these items. I'm sad I couldn't hunt much this Christmas and am on the market now for the last two items to complete my ranger. Let me know if you're interested in coming to some sort of deal and what you may be looking for to trade me. I currently can do 5x Cent/Battles, 100 or so DTs, a 40/0/0/40/40 IF (I think that's the stats on it), a 200 Mind Sato w/ twins, and maybe some other stuff too. Let me know please and thank you!
  14. Buying a PGF! If interested send PM or post here. I'll trade DTs or items or a mix. Hit me up!
  15. Id like 150 Pow Mats and 125 HP Mats, am willing to pay in DT if seller has both!
  16. I'm looking for these items with hit, preferably at least 50 Hit. PM me if you wanna sell.
  17. PM me if you have one you wanna sell. Preferably tell me your offer as well.
  18. PM me if you're interested in selling.
  19. PM me if you have one for sale.
  20. Send me a PM if you got one!
  21. Hey, I am looking for an Excalibur with around 35-50 hit. If you have one, please let me know! Oh, and I'm also wondering how much a Bringer's Arm is worth. Thanks in advance!
  22. Buying a pwand. Dm me on here and we can work something out!
  23. As the title states I am looking to buy a PGF/DM (0,x,0,x,x) and an STA. If you're somehow convinced these items are worth a mortal soul and then some this isn't the topic for you. PSO is a dying art and we are fortunate enough to be able to play on a F2P, trying to get more value then a current gen console's value for a virtual object on such a game is rather insulting and please don't cry to me or on this thread if you feel otherwise. With that said I'm open to negotiations and I'll take all REASONABLE offers to mind and consider what I can do with said offers. TY in advance for understanding and taking the time out to view this post. <3 you guys, mad love!
  24. Title says it all! Anyone have one with hit?
  25. PM
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