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  1. sweet, be on in a moment
  2. I much prefer this new method and greatly appreciate the work you've put in getting it going.
  3. My wants: C/Battle Red Ring My Haves: Feel free to make offers as well. Weapons: EGG BLASTER [Flame] [0/0/25/0|25] 8pd 1DT RIANOV 303SNR-2 +25 [25/0/45/0|40] 8pd 1DT SACRED BOW [Hell] [0/0/35/0|40] 200pd 25DT SACRED BOW [Hell] [40/0/0/35|0] 8pd 1DT DEMONIC FORK [King's] [0/0/0/40|0] 8pd 1DT SANGE [Fill] [0/0/30/0|35] 8pd 1DT ZANBA [Berserk] [40/0/0/0|0] 8pd 1DT FROZEN SHOOTER [40/0/0/0|45] 2pd FROZEN SHOOTER [25/0/0/0|35] 2pd Armor/Shields/Units: Centurion/Arms x 3 16pd ea 2DT ea GANONDORF SHIELD [29/75, 12/30] 120pd 15DT Misc: HAMBURGER [5.06/155.06/40.92/0.84] [M|E|P] [Olive] 16pd 2DT
  4. Buying a rianov 5, don't care much about its' stats
  5. Okay, I’ll be on in about 15 minutes
  6. Updated List 9/1/18 This is all I have for sale and trade. Please make offers. I would also greatly appreciate price checks on anything in the list as I am pretty dumb when it comes to pricing items.
  7. Elstinko


    Looking for a decent Spread Needle to use Proof of Sonic Team on.
  8. No one has sold me one yet
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