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  1. idk about other server but on here u get that message
  2. ooo well when u are banned u get this on ther server client
  3. hahahaha shadowban? whats is that can u explain me wtf is that lol
  4. xd well it says the account is on here not deleted and the error it coz of u internet coz i can loggin XD and the only one making drama its you coz the account is here
  5. i think if u pm soly he can change the mail of the account so u can recovery it xddd
  6. if im not wrong he made a new account and he cant loging or maybe im wrong XDDD
  7. u cant loging i told u to pm soly XDD
  8. lol larva just told me we dont delete accounts o.O
  9. i just talked to larva the admin and he say we dont delete account so maybe u are cofused like i said b4 u can pm soly
  10. if i remember well we dont delete accounts so u can pm soly for help
  11. just letting u know guys this is a topic to know ppl opinions if this get shittypost ill delete all of them thanks
  12. no mames como se te va olvidar si soy unico LOL XDD jajajaja
  13. oye wei por q a mi team no le diste un spacio no hay miembros pero soy el team mas viejo activo jajajaja @Larva
  14. here we are giving ideas of what to do or what not but this is more like a telenovela so maybe its time to close this No lock. - Larva
  15. Well one more year of this event i hope all of u have enjoyed the veent thanks again and Ultima pso rules <3!
  16. stop the drama guys thanks
  17. avoid that word or the topic will be closed thanks
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