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  1. same, defaults here. defender virus exclusion on folder. display is custom window size (to native 3k resolution on my device) and hud 640 x 480. 32 bit virtual full screen. word wrap on, vsync on, high res hud off. windows 10 2004 (latest). graphics skip 0, shadows 0, other sliders to max. vertex fog, other 2 unchecked. if you installed another psobb reinstall ultima -- settings can overwrite each other. EDIT: no compatibility mode; not sure what the other is, a library? this is a development pc so i have plenty of libraries. check your logs for an error on close. check for 3rd party software that might affect screen -- maybe disable something suspect in startup.
  2. Yes. I can confirm the XBox One controller works with PSOBB. The main thing is that you must bind the controller and have it on and connected before firing the launcher (it's a limitation of the game). Another quirk is that sometimes when switching accounts, you'll lose joy input or get incorrect mappings -- this is an easy fix. Use the keyboard to navigate to the joypad menu and bind something (like do left/right again on one of the analog inputs). Then go back to the previous menu and everything should be working. I currently use REWASD as my preferred extension (no affiliation). There are limitations to joy + keyboard binding and a new feature (I haven't gotten around to testing yet; pgf runs and all) lets you "hide" your joy driver, "create" a virtual 360 driver, and re-route all input via rewasd for some features previously inaccessible or impractical. I have all FO techniques (except 1) + melee + items + main psobb commands (like bank, roominfo...) mapped to the pad. Very impressive w/ things like double click support. Edit: Windows 10
  3. Disarmed and disbanded never to be taken advantage of again and excluded when a simple hello would suffice. You need never lock your rooms again. You had a great thing going and turned it to garbage in 2 days time. Good bye. - Arlene
  4. Update is the fix. I wouldn't move inventory until you get the update. ...or reinstall. Also, my launcher is in c:\ultima psobb -- that could be an issue. Try running as admin but i'd use the default path first.
  5. Hi. I'd like to be mistaken for a new player then bashed and blocked when I politely decline an offer no legitimate player would accept because it's 3x the normal price without any stats or the like to account for the discrepancy. Please let me know when you'll be online and press [Alt] + [Backspace] to join my room. If that doesn't work, make sure you insert your keyboard's usb plug deeply into your port. Thank you. Edit: My apologies -- this parody may or may not refer to the same person (I have no way of knowing) but is a composite of recent ridiculous misdealings not worthy of greater mention. This isn't to be taken seriously -- except for the keyboard troubleshooting. That part might help.
  6. ...didn't know he had mines attack either.
  7. SOUR LIMITER - Requires 2x the kills of LIMITER to unlock - Becomes LEMON AID LEMON AID - v801 Ability - ADEPT Ability
  8. ...or an item that can be worn to 'prevent HP gain' -- then only 1 person need equip it and team play can resume. Edit: ...maybe add that directly to DF.
  9. Lelb

    Ultima Summer Event 2018

    Hi -- I'm new here. Great server -- happy to support. Where are the drop tables for "events"? I can't find centurion/technique for example. Thanks!
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