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  1. t>dm 100 n/ab 80hit,tjs 100 ab/m 80hit,type me charge 80hit,4noob hp for sta and pb or db

  2. Staring at your bank account, fills you with tears....

  3. B> Noob/HP, S-red's Arms

    1. fatboy


      what you paying for s red arm?

  4. Anyone selling an ultima reaper with hit(

  5. Anyone selling an ultima reaper with hit(

  6. Finally c/battle drops for me all thanks to happy hour. Shoutout goes to these people for helping me Kid Star,Belle,Rune,Stark during those days. Soul booster here I come!

  7. OMG I WON

    1. fatboy


      looks like we got a winner. yumm cyane burger

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  8. :"L i be back tomorrow or thurs and i want my sandwiches ):9(

  9. So last year I was a full-time Hunter and Force.. This year it's time to spam lasers :)

  10. I plan to buy a Blank PRaven so let me know on here if you selling one . Thanks broski

  11. going to watch fast and furious 7 so exited

  12. I'm sure I could build a destructive set if I focused on one class, but if I'm going to be the best, I have to balance all three and master Hunters Rangers and Force. Give me time, I'll get there!

    1. fatboy


      you gonna need anger and dedication to get there. good luck.

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  13. Happy bday Flatmen D:< now give me your food chars

  14. Someone change my title to Aloha Snackbar xD

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