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  1. event DAR failure lol

    I've been waiting for this topic more than sta
  2. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    was i talking about ur hunting?and i'm glad that u've got both (with equiped spare dm and sta) i just said that here's real diffrient between ppl which played unfair in shared system and ppl who talked cryed shit about rates.
  3. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    this guy, who got his dark and top gear from old players, talking about cry to me?
  4. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    reread again and try to understand what i was talking about. all words are clear enough.
  5. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    omg. someone has to tell her about under9000 and sta. im laughin so much when u say about 2-3-4-5 runs in grinding game.
  6. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    Do not worry, there is diffrient between single/shared and party/indi runs. Just for you and drama of course.
  7. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    One more for drama: You guys cried when here were only shared sys in Ultima (I can't pick it up, everyone is ninja all round me, THIS ROOM FOR MY PGF ONLY) Okay. Take this => Indi sys. Here we go again (Why it drops not for me, Everyone is lucky but me, GOD DAMN THIS DAR SYSTEM, why does it have reduction at all, GIVE ME DAT PGF ALREADY - ONLY I DO DESERVE IT) If you can't play with original mech or not original perhaps problem in you?
  8. CMode! Read topic fully

    I don't really want to make drama here but rt, ttf or pod or anything else won't say anything about cmode. And i asked just video if it's possible. I didn't mean anything.
  9. CMode! Read topic fully

    Please make a video of all ur runs. And show us how pros play.
  10. Lost C/Battle

    1 using in equipment and 2 in common bank before lost. Now 1 in the character bank. I played yesterday.
  11. Lost C/Battle

  12. Lost C/Battle

    Yes It was full. I didn't noticed that when i took them. I do not have any screens. Anyway it should say "Your inventory is full" or something like this. I didn't play or change anything since error but eated 1 pow mat which was in my inventory after relog. Well now it's 29 of 30.
  13. Lost C/Battle

    Guildcard: 42181825 Slot: 2 Date/Time: 06.20.2017 ~05.30 am UTC. Description: Lost Centurion/Battle Comments: Created the room. Wanted to take 2 c/b's. Took the first and after the second got error 100. After relog there's no c/b in bank, only 1 in my inventory. Bank: Common.
  14. Minimap items

    Reinstall PSO. Not sure what it was. Now it works fine. Thank you anyway.
  15. Minimap items

    Yes. I read it. Done with instructions. Same. Win 7 - i can see. Win XP - nothing on minimap.