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  1. SubZero


    Added more valentine drops + others
  2. Seen them for 5-10 dts
  3. SubZero


    It's not all the items, otherwise i would be throwing my dm at him lol
  4. Even still, glide divine is at least 10 pds, told a few at 15 pds when i could be bothered to hunt them.
  5. SubZero


    Depending on the exchange, i really only want pds + dts
  6. B> Triple Stat MR


  7. Probably has to be Dr Pepper
  8. B> Weapon's Badge, Looking for like 10


    1. MulciberOrbis


      just curious - what do u offer?

    2. SubZero


      Fuck knows what they are worth tbh

  9. S> Fury of the beast 0/0/0/35/40

    S> Hundred Souls 0/0/100/40/80

  10. EP 1 ULT : Crimson assassin : Blueful -- Love rappy beak
  11. Dress Plate EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber Blueful
  12. Ep 1 ULT Crimson Ass : Rico's Para
  13. S> Hundred Souls 0/0/100/40/80

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    2. hidden


      Where's all the Huwearls and FO's at

    3. tru


      I want this but I already used all my dts haha

    4. tru


      I sold some stuff and got some DTs and I wanted to know, how much would you sell this for?

      Btw your inbox is full.

  14. Apologies man, don't want any trouble with you of all people, and no need to hate usagi lol
  15. I understand that as i had a chat with him, i was simply warning him about having 2 accounts, i thought it was strange, but alot of people do have 2nd accounts for trading
  16. How much for RR + WD
  17. Joined an hour ago with a sta? Hm, don't think so.. 2 accounts isn't allowed on the forum.
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