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  1. The point of this is to offer a fraction of a chance to other players who worked hard , but didn't have RNG on their side to accomplish their goal. Plus, what are we really losing here? x99 heart of moros and/or tablets? Come on, that is a small price to pay for a sliver of a chance at an item they worked so hard to attain! I made this topic specifically so other GMs can see it to project my idea about (what I think to be is) a reasonable Mini-Event for peeps who have struggled to obtain this very useful item, and failed. You do indeed make a great point by pointing out the obvious that NOT everyone has done RT to hunt PGF. Christmas Event in Ultima is still up as far as I know(green names & x5EXP as well), so there should be plenty of extra moros/tablets around that people pick up that you can buy them off of(kinda like the S-Rank mini-event), plus if there is a sudden increase in CCA rooms. I just thought we needed more of a variety of cool Mini-Events! I never once said this idea was perfect, but I thank you for your input!
  2. Considering a lot of players in the server did not have fortune on their side this Christmas Event(including me, but my heart wasn't that in it this time), I was thinking that maybe there can be a Mini Event where the winner(s) can still win the sought-after "Parasitic Gene Flow". I was thinking something like a Mini-Event raffle, where each participant gets one chance at the prize, but must pay a stack(x99) Heart of Morolians OR a stack of Tablets. Why these items? Well, from the countless RTs that everyone has done, this is sort of proof that they really went for it, and they can possibly get their second chance because Gal Gryphon dropped these(one boss before Olga in RT). Maybe one person can have two chances at the raffle if they have a stack of each, but the limit is two chances per person(because they ran more runs). Either there can be 1st place prize PGF, 1st prize PGF with 2nd place prize being a blank PGF Weapon(Flow/Meteor/Bridge) of their choice with the 3rd place prize being a good item of sorts? Just throwing an idea out there, because I'm sure there are others like me who would like another shot at PGF without having to pay an arm and a leg for one. Thanks for looking, feel free to share your opinions and ideas below, and be sure to vote in the poll!
  3. was multiplayer mode, i was 2-man'ing an RT and my teammate disconnected, leaving me alone to fight Olga
  4. So I was duoing an RT when my teammate dc'd right before Olga. There being less than 20 minutes left of HH, I decided to take him on myself being a lv186 FOney. So I finished off his first form using Barta(even though it took forever), and during his second form, I noticed that every single tech that landed on Olga did not show any damage number. The Gael and Giel showed damage, but not Olga. Was hoping this is just a bug, or has Olga been buffed to be immune to techs? If so, that's pretty messed up... lol not every FO can melee during this rare circumstance... especially since I can't pipe back to the city to switch gear.
  5. T>DF 0/100/0/100|80 for a DM 0/100/0/100|80 stat or 0/0/100/100|80 stat pm me

  6. S/T>Hundred Souls 


  7. Can we have a mini event where we can switch up the stats of maxed weapons?
  8. Sonic Magazine is confirmed for Redria and Viridia too, Normal Sinow Beat
  9. Skyly Normal Episode 1 Mine Sinow Beat- Sonic Magazine confirmed
  10. B>TypeSH/Shot Blank, or B>TypeSH/Shot w/ hit but no special pm me

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