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  1. Nostalgia brings most of us here. I cut my teeth on the Xbox version and played the hell outta it. My main then (and now) was a Fonewm, dressed in familiar garb who could lay the smack down as well. In my effort to rebuild him and feel once again the special feeling that certain games that have that indefinable "it" provide, I have found a friendly, helpful and welcoming community here. Keeping PSO alive! Let me add my voice to the chorus and welcome you to a special little nook amongst the interwebs friend! JesterMag-FORCE Giga Gal-RANGER
  2. I find your purposed exchange acceptable. Ill be on Friday, Ill PM ya here to set something up. Thank you kindly.
  3. So...I have completely outleveled my MAG. Not very good at raising them, but getting better since playing here. Anyhow... buying any kinda MAG that I can use to turn my pure mind focused Force Ive been leveling for the TP to a melee mage! Thwack! A level 100 (or so) Sato with ata and or def I can build up would be fantastic I think, but I will lean on you guys for advice on what would work. Got some PDs and a few decent items, feel free to reply here or pm me. Thanks gang!


    Exploring Ragol can work up quite the appetite. If you are going to be a serious hunter, you need your nutrients for strong muscle development. Or maybe just a quick snack before that next c/battle hunt. Anyway, Japan has you covered!


    Exploring Ragol can work up quite an appetite. If you are going to be serious hunter, you need more nutrients for strong muscles. Or maybe you just want a quick snack before that next c/battle hunt. Thank you Japan!
  6. To whom it may concern, Challenge Mode happy fun time today! Drop a line here, chat with me in-game (JesterMag-Fonewm), or look for the "Defeat CMode" room. I should be around most of the day and free to plan a group. Hope to make some progress today and look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces. Your friend in Phantasy -Don
  7. @Fyrewolf5 I'm not sure your toons names, but I'm around quite a bit in the late evenings (eastern US). Hit me up sometime and/or check back here. I would love to set something up with perhaps an eye towards a regular type thang. (It DOES sound fun) I have Saturday off from work, so I would like to try then if you are available. Let me know. And thanks for sharing your knowledge on a couple of topics. @thriwren Saturday would work out for me as well. Check above in this thread about Rangers in challenge mode, but be it with a Ranger or another toon, lets do try to get together for a crack at it. Challenge Mode seems like it would be VERY fun, but will require sharp teamwork. Encouraged that others have shown interest, post back with toon names and what time Sat you are free. @Anyone else that stumbled in: Please feel free to speak up and join in. More is better.
  8. Any chance I could meet up with someone who has done this for a quick team-up? I am only 117 as of writing, making solo Ultimate Ep2 difficult in the extreme. Shoutbox and lobby shopping has yielded me zip so far, planting a flag here has seemed the best route.
  9. Is the 50-hit Double Saber a drop or reward for these government quests?
  10. Only now do I realize the purpose of this thread. I would like to also ask if any "TEAMS" are recruiting? There seem to be a few new players around and now would be a good time to grab a few recruits. Along with Parische I would like to toss my hat into the ring. There is a surprising amount of depth in this game, and info can be a tad hard to find, so to be able to lean on some vets for advice is a wonderful tool. Wanna get the most out of my PSO experience.
  11. I would like to try this out as well. Seems an easy task for a cool weapon.
  12. Thanks guys! Logging in now, Ill look for yas and start a room with the topic name. Yeah, I was planning on running my FO anyway, but that's disappointing to hear about RAs. I'll lean on you guys a bit for advice, been a while. Looking forward to it.
  13. My old FOnewm used to rock a TWIN saber. I need that back in my life. That means challenge mode. Looking for some like minded folks or the powerful and bored to team up with and knock this thing down. Message me here and let's try to set up times, places and faces. I'd love to meet some of you guys and step up my PSO game. I have thrown down the gauntlet Ultima server! Dark Falz said bad things about your mother. Lets give him wut fer. JesterMag-FORCE Giga Gal-RANGER
  14. Heya friend! I've done a TTF with you I'm certain, as I recall your name! You have my guild card and Ill be lurking on these forums. Anytime you wanna team up for whatever, I'm game. And coming from a former and current Force player, Rafoie is your bestest buddy. JesterMag-FORCE Giga Gal-RANGER
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