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  1. Hi Rivaul do you still have the Baranz Laucher 0/100/0/100/80 hit for sale
  2. Hmm I’m in the wrong room coming
  3. Look for maximum Ohh ok I’ll be here
  4. Ok I’ll be online so let me know I wish it had twins but it still is nice I like that power pm when youre ready
  5. Hi do you still have the tellusis Red 200 pwr
  6. Hello Saber +7 Is the Dark Meteor +25 0/100/100/0/90 Still for sale. Or any you have @velorious PM me
  7. Hi do you still have cent battle & cent arms if so ill buy @velorious pm me
  8. Disregard @velorious
  9. Hi Kotta I'm interested in the KAMA RED 8/191/0/0 are they still available @velorious pm me
  10. Hello @Ricardof14 do you still have the Bringer 70 hit I’m Interested in buying it. @velorious pm me
  11. Eastern are you on now im comeing on look for skycast
  12. Ill be online between 530pm and 10.00 tonight
  13. Hi SinowNeo do you have Cent Pwr for sale PM me
  14. I like the Red One How much is it and what should I use for it for 150 pwr
  15. Hi JD This is Velorious Could you make me a Orange all Power Sato Mag with Twins i will pay Handsomely PM Me
  16. B> Good Macho Blades PM ME
  17. @Ricardof14 thanks for getting back with me but i have one now Go *** TRIFORCE*** I recently joined look forward to playing with you @velorious
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