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  1. i would like to buy post. i'm currently playing as ender or maybe rwby.
  2. i don't know why i can't send messages to anyone.  just wanted to say hi. hope to see you soon.

  3. what's up. i'm back, but i haven't seen you. 


  4. what's up? i'm just stopping in to say hello. 

    1. Zabby


      My bad, I don't check on here anymore. How've you been my dude? Long time

  5. Hi. long time no see. hope all is well.

    1. Terrybriggs711


      HIIIII!! let play again sometime ! its been forever , hope all is well with ya also


    1. Zabby


      Haha, yeah I've heard about these. Ended up a disaster for everyone who tried it

  6. No crying here. People like you won't run me off. You don't know what good is, just in case you are delusional in thinking you are good.
  7. worst: is noob hp and the attitude that we could have messed up your game in a few other ways with it so just be happy. we don't need another topic on it??? maybe if your players are unhappy you should listen, and at least be understanding to them. instead of, we could have been worse to you. which is the way it feels from forum conversations. soly handled it better in our pm's about it. best: nothing i haven't really wanted to play this event at all. sorry.
  8. what is it with some people wanting to make people play "better"?
  9. they have to stay equipped now, so it's worse.
  10. you're right. that's should be the number one goal of this game.
  11. as stated above they didn't disappear, they were turned into heart containers. That don't work the same. if i go to fight something that does large amounts of damage, 1 hit kill, i'm in trouble. my character just don't seem worth playing any more. not only that, they did it to us at the start of the event with no time to adjust.
  12. I take it the noob HP are dead. I spent a good deal of time and effort to get these and use them. Now with no warning just gone. That to me is completely wrong. Is my RR or DM safe? Could we see this type of thing happen more often? I guess it was dumb of me to think I got to keep the items I earned.
  13. it was fun just watching this one go down. thanks for the mystery.
  14. i've been playing for almost a year, not a single system problem. the anti-virus is just a pain about it. come join us, we have cookies.
  15. Welcome. You should enjoy it here. This is the greatest server I've ever played pso on.
  16. yes he got mine. we were in the same room together. we tested it a few ways as mentioned. didn't know what else we could do. forgot to mention this before. when i do a search now it will show up for the ones online, but none of the usual information. such as lobby and block. don't know if that might help.
  17. @The Merchant i saw in chat that it would be included there.
  18. i did great during the christmas event, so it's my fav. i've only been coming to this server for less than a year. so far i think it's gotten even better since then. you guys do an awesome job and i thank you. sometimes i cuss the game, but that's just due to not being lucky. so thanks again.
  19. guildcard # 42174619 fourth character slot date 2/16/17 3:30pm guildcard user # 42176597 sent me message today and i never got them. switched blocks and restarted no help. delete card and readded. no help. i have also lost a few cards that have been given to me in the past week. sorry if not filled out to the rules. i tried to look them up but the link i tried was broke. it was old.
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