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  1. That's your opinion. Not a fact. A sell/trade topic is not the same as an auction with conditions because in an "auction" the offers are open for everyone to see. I can't stand when someone's selling something and I make them an offer, they say they have already 3 offers higher but they won't say what they are. I think that's a key difference and imo just as greedy. Also, if you feel you're wasting your time, then don't bid. No one is forcing anyone to participate in an auction you don't like the rules of. But because there are no set rules as of this moment, as far as I can tell people have the right to auction how they please. I think the biggest issue here is that you and howi used sabrina's thread to rant about auction behavior that 90% of the people here are guilty of including myself. You guys ruined Sabrina's auction. PS: I fully support having actual auction rules. If anything it would prevent unnecessary drama like this.
  2. That's the reason? Sabrina's auction never even got the chance to get bids because it was flooded with drama. No one is going to bid in a thread full of drama.
  3. Cell of mag 502 Cell of mag 213 Heart of Opa Opa x2 Heart of Pian x2 Heart of Chao x1 Heart of Chu Chu Heart of Angel x1 - reserved Kit of Hamburger x1 Panther's Spirit x4 Kit of Mark3 x3 Kit of Genesis Kit of Sega Saturn x6 Kit of Dreamcast x5 Heart of Kapu Kapu x1 Tablet x3 Heaven Striker Coat Heart of Morolian x1 Ashura Mag Cell (Elenor) 1PD each
  4. Asking the real questions
  5. Auction will run until sunday 26/06/2016 at 8 PM GMT Starting price 10dts I reserve the right to cancel the auction if I find the final offer too low. Happy bidding!
  6. We're all really happy that a 3 POINT GOAL was scored this hour!
  7. No, that's part of the ship code.
  8. Good thread dude. I think it's great to have a thread where people can actually ask for price checks.
  9. magictrick


    Oh c'mon, he says a charge arms is equivalent to a DM. And when asked to leave he then begins to bash the offer. It's Sabrina's right to offer whatever she likes to offer.
  10. magictrick


    lol how is that your business? And besides, this guy posts in all dark weapon topics judging offers and throwing around unwanted advice.
  11. magictrick


    Since you're only here to troll, why don't you get your smart ass out of this topic like she asked you.
  12. Cool event. Great to see people contributing to the community.
  13. Sure put in the work. That always works. I'm sorry, after 150 RT runs wihin HH I also felt like spending some xmas time with my family. Hard work? You mean dumb luck.
  14. Adding it as a year round drop would at least mean some pgfs are thrown back in circulation. At this moment DWs disappear from the economy (because people stop playing and let their DW rot in their banks) but none are put back in except the handful PGF during last xmas. Something needs to be done
  15. How about this quest? Can this be implemented as well? http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/12968-dolmolm-research/
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