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  1. Yeah, luck mats were changed to non-rare status so they can drop as regular drops for all IDs. It's the right thing to do but it's kind of annoying when you're hunting them and it also makes green ID even worse than it was before
  2. I don't think this is as big of a problem as you say. At the very worst you can spend PDs sphering weapons, which makes them worth about 1/7.7 of a DT. There's also special events throughout the year that you can only spend PDs on. There is an issue with dark weapons, created by the fact that DM and DF are basically unrivaled and both are only available a small fraction of the year. They should really be available all-year, albeit at a fairly difficult rate and maybe for a very limited number of IDs (viridia could really use a boost...)
  3. Disguised auctions

    So you want a rule that people can't entertain offers? That's silly. This is not a problem, ignore the topics and move on.
  4. Player-Made Drop Table Anniv. Event 2016 :)

    Sweet jesus now I'm annoyed that I got 2 naka's cards from about 25 ult HH falzs...
  5. Happy Hours Alert!

    Not HH but 5x experience activated oh, ALSO HH lol
  6. Player-Made Drop Table Anniv. Event 2016 :)

    how much pleasure did you take in writing that?
  7. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    Roger. I'm aiming to get a demon me/mech at some point so I can use that for double duty
  8. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    So is there anything particularly interesting that can be done with Naka's or should I just try to get a zalure shot or whatever?
  9. Player-Made Drop Table Anniv. Event 2016 :)

    Yeah, it was "kevin." Anyways, I can confirm Naka's / Dark Falz / Whitill

    Why are you getting so upset if you can just stop using your bank before completing the quest? Come on...
  11. 8th Anniversary Event - 2016

    a pyro goran dropped that, not a detonator
  12. This is kind of a dumb problem. A long time ago I tried to make an account but never got the activation email. I was hoping to either have the account activated or deleted completely so I can reuse the account name with a different email. Thanks!
  13. Ok, thanks! I have almost every class and id so that might be an option for me. Honestly 6 hours isn't all that bad.
  14. If I wanted a Type/ME mechgun with demon special how would I go about doing that? Is that series of max attack quests the only way to get the gun? How do I add demon special to it? Thanks!