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  1. S> Yasminkov 9000M [0/0/0/0 [80h]] Charge + Demon specs | Arrest Needle [100/0/100/0 [80h]] -- Wants: DT's / FO Gear (battlefo+MST Fo)

  2. Items to hunt as newbie?

    Ok buddy will do.
  3. Items to hunt as newbie?

    Same, we'll all help you out friend. Believe me, you'll probably be helping me more by letting me empty my bank than I'm helping you Welcome, btw!
  4. Techs de-leveled?

    I honestly have no idea.. I can't remember the details outside of it was via the chatbox.. I'm sorry
  5. Techs de-leveled?

    I checked through my PM's but I could find nothing, everything took place in the chatbox =/ I can't even remember the dates. I'm sure that is very vague and suspect so I understand if you can't take my word.
  6. Techs de-leveled?

    Awesome thank you very much! Also my GC is 42159214 and the char name is "Wut"
  7. Techs de-leveled?

    I didn't screenshot it and no I wasn't using any type of X/Tech.. I guess I'm just wondering at this point is it just gonna have to be chalked up to a loss? Or is it possible to have them restored?
  8. Techs de-leveled?

    Interesting little thing.. About a week & a 1/2 ago I bought Megid 30 and Grants 28... now - today, I randomly checked my tech levels................. and now Megid is 28 and grants is 25. Lol. I have no idea what happened, but I'm 20000% sure my techs were 28+30 when I bought them and used them (broken record) a week or so ago.. I believe there's probably even logs in the shoutbox because that's where I found them to buy them.. ANYWAY! Just maybe hoping something can come of this -- crazy / random, and I would never have even noticed if I didn't check tech levels today lol.
  9. Fug u that is all. :^)

    1. RDizzy