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  1. I'll buy that, 25dt Available now?
  2. Holy moly lol. How much for an adept?
  3. Ok, logging on now, sorry for the delay.
  4. V801 God/Battle I'll buy 1 of each. Lmk when you're on.
  5. @Lobotomy pm me or @ me back in chat box if / when you're around.
  6. ISO/WTB -> Adept Cent/battle High mind mag Pow mats Mind mats Luck mats DT's Sell -> (realistically would prefer to trade but either way) 0/0/0/0[80] HELL Yas7k +25 0/0/70/0[30] Canon Rouge +30 0/0/0/0[30] Baranz Launcher +25 15/35/0/35[0] Snow Queen +18
  7. This one is fine to keep, and yes I meant the others' I'm trying to keep this as legit as possible so noone gets screwed (seller or buyer).. I hope I'm staying in the lines!
  8. Quite honestly it's not worth enough to sell as an individual item (you can't buy that little of an amount of RP) - if you wanted more things that would total a minimum of 5DT's then we could work something out... & Whatever the going rate is, like 5 PD or something? Or am I wrong? Bump, lots sold but still have plenty more
  9. RDizzy


    I've got a boatload of mag cells I could sell you relatively cheap
  10. RDizzy


    Do you really think anyone has enough DT's to cover all 4 of those ? 50 DT's so I'm not spammin.
  11. BEFORE ANYTHING... FIRST OF ALL - I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING As far as PSO gear/dt's/pd's.. I ONLY want RP or "other" things related to LoL (gifts/etc.. if anything to do with accounts, I would need the full credentials (email, passwords, etc)) SECONDLY - My ratio (and it will not change, bend or break for anyone..) is 5DT = 500 RP $5=650 RP in LoL $5=5DT Here You make out on the better end of things.. Now that being said.. Here's the list of things I'm selling: 4x Cent/Abil 1x Cent/Bat "Varaha" Mag - 11/186/3/0 - Has twins 30h Bringers Rifle 0/100/0/100 80h Iron Faust 30h Baranz Launcher 0/0/70/0 30h Canon Rouge 3 Seals FTD De Rol Le Shield 1x V502 1x Smartlink v801 x2 33 DT's 10 PD's 2x New Years Cards Elenor Mag - 10/0/5/185 (Has twins) 1x Cent/Mind Rabarta 29
  12. I'm aware, I've seen the posts.. Normally I'd never even respond/give someone the time of day, but given how hypocritical this guy is I felt it necessary. & To keep things on topic.. What was that you said? You have a 20 hit dragon slayer? No thanks, I don't need one, Now look, we're not spamming!
  13. First of all, don't reply in my topic unless you're adding something to it. Your unnecessary banter isn't needed, thanks. Also, they're 20-25 DT's, GL buying for lowballed bull**** prices. Considering I own 3 currently, and in the past month have owned over 5.. I BELIEVE I have a clue in regards to their price. Have a good day
  14. The hylian isn't something I'm in a huge hurry to sell, so - unfortunately your bid is A: about 7-8 DT's less than what I'm looking for, and B: In PD's, which is something I've listed as "not needing" right now, :P. Sorry Pishion!
  15. Well I have 0'd PRS right now maybe I'll slap some hit on it and get a sphere or 2
  16. Oooh I did not realize that. I haven't looked up a specific plan (just birefly peered over 3 or 4).. But great to know. Thanks man.
  17. Well I have a 0/185/15/0 right now, if I'm going to buy another mag it'll be for max stat... and as far as the TJS I'm all set I think my bro still has a set if I were to want to use them.. I appreciate it though man!
  18. Just looking to buy (lots) of HUCast gear.. The only non-HUCast things I need are: Banana Canon, 30 Techs (non-support).. Other than that, nothing in particular, just sort of shopping around to see what everyone has to offer. What I have to offer: 0/100/0/100 80h Iron Faust 0'd Hundred Souls Hylian shield DT's PD's What I don't currently want/need: PD's TJS (/set) Crimson Sword (unless it beats out my stats + 60h) Don't hesitate to post here! Let me know what you've got
  19. 50 PD + 12 DT @ The banana canon?
  20. RDizzy

    PC> stuff

    I'll buy that Hylian from you if you want to sell it
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