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  1. Well this morning Mrs solo guy gave birth to our fifth child little girl "Mindy" so I'm gonna be busy for awhile, Daddy daycare will be my new role for awhile but will still lurk about in forum in between parental duties : )

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    2. Yskialuw


      Congratz Daddy :)

    3. Shiva
    4. Cyane


      Congrats!! *-* show us some pics later! You must be a proud daddy now

  2. thinking of selling my type gu/mech gun 80 hit hell what would this go for in current market? and yes i know what it should actually sell for : /

    1. Malxerz


      i wud give 2 doge coin

  3. Csgo scammers lol next they will need my account details to free the pigeon  trapped in the server room : 0

  4. the best drop in triforce event ....fact for greenil

    Gran Sorcerer Centurion/Arms 1⁄299593
    1. Biza
    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      copy and pasted from the drop table , and if you ever dropped it you would feel like the luckiest guy on the server but a redria would have farmed like 100 cent arms already 

  5. Thinking of making a vash the stampede skin as my next project

  6. Sell > Girasole 75/00/00/00 15 dts or will swap for a pbc , reply here if interested. I won't be on until bout 6 hours from now so if your available then and want it just leave a message : )

  7. another crappy skin related bug that means i can't get access to my gear : ( due to game crashing, tempted to do a fresh install and start again : (

    1. Fyrewolf5


      It's not master sword as I saw you claiming in shoutbox, I can enter games just fine with my master sword.

    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      well for some reason my humar cant enter a room and he has all my good gear on and hes got master sword equipped : ( my other characters are fine and i played just 24 hrs ago no problem i was after if soly had changed anything on the server as i use a lot of custom skins(haven't changed master sword yet but was going to) he spoke to me earlier but didn't get back to me so i probably will end up trying a fresh install and start rebuilding my custom skins again which is a long process : (

    3. Shisui


      could also be possible that a file is missing.. i wanted to make sunrise at gals but 3 map files were broken (pc havent copied then but replaced xD)

      so 3 files were missing and i could do cca but after boss port i got "crashed"

      try find out if a file is missing.. and copie that from your back up (if you have)

      also be carefull with some of the area packs.. i had one where it replaced ep 1 mobs with ep 2 mobs ^^


  8. Brexit is happening lol tough times for us British folk ahead and less dts for our pounds : (

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    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      Oh lol it's short term pain long term gain , I voted for my kids futures to not be tied down to other countries laws and principles and also there failing economies, the pound will regain its value eventually but it's probably worst time to donate for us pound sterling users as we are currently lowest value since 1985 lol and also a national message to fail politicians in charge

    3. velociti


      Good deal! Glad to hear you care about the future!

    4. Berrymilk


      over 168 billion dollars lost in under 600 seconds. gg

  9. B>type mechs 80 hit demon and charge offering 65 dts each:onion100:ty

    1. alejox-1123@hotmail.com


      only make that weapon cost 70 dt's and the weapon cost 15 dt's 

    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      yes that is correct , and i could make one, but i'm offering to buy two and when was the last time you saw something sold at the cost it was to make? also the weapon is free if you put time into it and at the start of the year there was an event where you could add a special to type weapons without dts and during christmas event there was an event where you could add hit up to 70 % with pds so please don't explain to me the cost of things, i'm offering 65 dts if someone wants to sell and pms me saying they want 70 dts then it's called negotiations and i would work out a deal, i have not stated 65 dts or no deal.

  10. a sad week so far 1st mohamed ali now shoutbox RIP : (

    1. Soly


      It'll do like the phoenix.

  11. that feeling you get when you had over 300 pds and were having to store them on your char so you sold em for dts : / and then this

    1. solo guy

      solo guy

      really : ( the pain is real

  12. would anyone be interested in trading my 00/00/40/100/40 pyscho raven for a dark flow? just wondering

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    2. magictrick


      IMO those ravens are about equal to a standard DF.

    3. Angeldust


      well your opinion is wrong, sorry. Especially now that no one seems to have DF's to throw away anymore, people are selling them super high

    4. magictrick


      Well that's a 15dt PR with 90dt added stuff to it, I guess it all depends on what the PGF rate is gonna do to the price of dark weapons. But if the dark weapons get their original price back, it would be a fair deal.

  13. max attack S.............wow just wow

    1. Malxerz
    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      indeed couldn't even solo on normal : (

  14. looking for a yas 3k with hit or a 7k with hit no specials though and dosnt need to be high hit either pm me if your are selling ty

  15. Looking for a double cannon that's better then my 00/30/00/00/35 dc pm me price if ya got one : )

  16. another good night on ultima ty ricardo

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      any time :) just call me

  17. awesome night met some good people : )

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