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    I should make another funny and amazing shit thread. I need more publicity.
  2. Thanks to Mud and Sab for the stuff <3
  3. He made me mad. Quality life purpose. 10/10
  4. It's all about enemy attack patterns, enemy movements, learning spawn positions, what enemies are in each spawn, etc. You don't have to learn it all immediately... the knowledge just naturally comes to you as you play the game but make sure to keep an eye out for it. One thing I will say is learning animation manipulation is a really good way to get free attacks into enemies while being solo that you normally couldn't get hits on before. But that's a discussing for another time :]
  5. No, DF is a weapon in the game. Dark Flow. It has a special attack that destroys enemies but to use it you have to always be at very low health, basically one hit kill health pools at all times. Learning how to properly move around the maps and use DF will make you a mechanically and technically skilled player, even if you don't have DF; to be fair, this game is very mechanically and technically complex when you get down to it. Learning how to use DF's special is a very big bonus and will definitely help you out in the long run.
  6. Learn how to DF That's always important. Regardless if you have a DF of your own or not.
  7. I like the original and the Remixed version for episode 4.
  8. PC> Maxed Guld Milla with Machine/Dark?

    1. radezz
    2. Fyrewolf5


      3 arms and 5 legs.

  9. Upgrade Chain Sawd to Laser Sawd which adds more ATP and ATA and changes special to Berserk. Upgrade Last Survivor to First Mentor which increases ATP and ATA and changes special to Kings'.
  10. I'll buy a PBC for 10 DT's if anybody is interested. Leave a comment here or PM me for details when you wanna do the trade over. Thanks!
  11. Ultimate Episode 1, Greenill Ob Lily- LOGiN Magazine Confirmed.
  12. Varista


    Anybody who's been taking Kush's Dark weapon or PGF sell topics seriously are the real idiots if you ask me
  13. In an auction, the CHB is subjective to what you want. That's the glory, you put down a starting bid, and then you get to decide based on what offer you love more which is the best for you.
  14. First time ever hunting SoF ever, on any server, I get this bad boy
  15. On a side note, if you have summit moon you can forego getting Glide v.00 as they do the exact same thing: Simple tech boost, except v.00 is just a little bit higher, but realistically you wont be using Simple techs that often anyways.
  16. Another thing I regret pretty badly is acting like a complete douche my first year of being here. There really was no reason for it and I felt pretty bad after everything I said and did. So, sorry, about that. I also regret spending dick all trying to hunt STA for Griff. What a waste of my God damn time that was.
  17. I just switched ID's from whitill I'm getting tired of it, I like hunting Space Ships waaaay more as it's my favorite area. Both rates are basically 1/impossible anyways lol.
  18. That's not always something that you can help though lol. Everybody is a little ignorant to events and what not.
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