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  1. What's SN glitching? Special->Normal sequence, probably, but is it some exploit it's expected everyone will abuse?
  2. @Fyrewolf5 As a new player who doesn't recognise anything I can't say this for sure, but is it possible the reason that you're able to do that is because you're using a max level character with (presumably) maxed stats and other equipment? (Or did you remove all hit-boosting stuff?)
  3. Uxie

    Uxie's GFX

    Apparently this is a PSO character (though likely from the 2016 MMO or whatever, her name's apparently Quna). Just about the only good render I could find that was PSO-related. I feel like I could have done much better with her (and it ended up a bit weird), but I'm not used to starting off with such a bright and saturated drawing. Might revisit it later if I have a brainwave on how to make it better, but I probably won't. Now I have a signature that fits the forum. =P If someone wants the original drawing I found, PM me. It's absolutely massive (2500x3500, 5.2MB) so I can't upload it here. Or google for it, shouldn't be that hard.
  4. @Lemon Chuk ended up answering that I should use the alt unicode thing and it ended up working, but thanks anyway.
  5. Is there any way to use special characters in names? Specifically, æ. There probably isn't, but I'd like to be sure. (I want to name a character Lævateinn. Laevateinn is one character more than will show up. Worst comes to worst I can just omit the second n, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.)
  6. @TheHangedMan Are you running a regular lobby or a One Player one? The One Player ones have the stats of creatures adjusted down, so that could be your problem.
  7. Urgh, I had the same experience with the section IDs. It's clunky, but since the game doesn't display more than 9 character, you can go [Name][Spaces up to 9]['Invisible' Characters to Adjust for the right section ID] if there's a specific name you really wanna use. No, it's Touka alright (who I'm assuming you thought it was), the eye color change is a hue shift. It's actually a shrunk and cropped version of a larger piece. Here's a (sadly downvoted) Imgur gallery of a bunch of my stuff, as well as an explanation on how they're made and which parts you can and cannot attribute to me. Full-size version is about 3/4 to the bottom. Original drawing.
  8. There's a terminology guide somewhere on the forums, but I'm not entirely sure how comprehensive it is as I haven't checked it yet myself. The base is Blue Burst so presumably it would have the same official content as that, which I believe is Gamecube + some extra. Boosted XP rate is always-on regardless of circumstance as far as I know. Apparently it rarely becomes x5, though it drops from x3 to x2 once you hit a certain (very high, you won't need to worry about it for quite a while even if you play a lot) level. Might have been 120? It was 100+, at least. Progress through the game is probably a bit funky compared to the console versions. Someone else could probably explain it better as I've only just started, but you seem to have access to every area off the bat without needing to actually unlock anything (besides certain missions for item crafting functionality stuff.)
  9. For what it's worth, I wouldn't really have cared if I'd been caught by it before the first boss. Before the second, it would have been quite a pain. = \
  10. Ah, are they all over the place as a remnant of April Fools or something? That's fine, then. If they'll disappear on their own, I'll just wait.
  11. @Misombre The Sonic characters decorating Pioneer 2.
  12. HOW DO I REMOVE THE SONIC CRAP!? T_T /overexaggerated anger
  13. @chuk I might do that, but I might try and just stick the ATKspeed increaser without going for the power boost as well. Since it's my first time going through, I sort of want to do it 'naturally' rather than cheesing it with bought epic gear from higher level players.
  14. @chuk Defense, DPS, QoL and Mobility all in one. I can imagine. =P I'm not sure I'd even be able to find one with four slots yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it.
  15. @chuk Normal difficulty. Only just started. Character is level sixteen. =P However, it's feeling a lot better after finding a new weapon that lets me fast-strong to kill the things. However, that feels like a band-aid, and I need to work on the fighting overall. I'll look into buying one of those things then, if they're useful. I had a PD drop earlier, so I should be able to afford one.
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