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    computer gaming and radio control cars and aircraft team speak admin and server host , world of warcraft guild master on alliance ravencrest since 2010 and sunstrider alliance since 2007

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  1. how can i add a new log in for new alt account with main i have for other  2 accounts , went thru activation but cant access mail it was sent to and wouldn't allow to use main of other 2  saying "" that emails already in use  

    1. Kotta


      I believe you need another account for that. Email address can only have one In-game account and one forum account (though there Is no need for a second forum account) :onion-head49:


      {otherwise I would be glad to have second account(s) on same email address :rf-10:

    2. James Tate

      James Tate

      no doubt i,ll figure out how at some point so i dont have to delete toons on other two log ins 


    3. Kotta


      All I have In mind Is, either recreating an email, or using a familiar's email? (or someone's :D ) :rf-03:


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