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    pso video gaming such as rpg and adventure computers etc. favorite bleach character sasuke aizen favorite naruto character kabuto

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  1. screw Phantasy star online Blue burst AS of tommarow yo lissten upSon i will be hosting my own cheating server for pso so come on by and check out the latest coding or be as slow and take your time like a pussy lvling up since i just got banned from the server i will be my own gm and host my own server if u wanna come fine by me i already got the programs to make the stuff anyway so u cant stop me

    1. Akebu


      Shut up Rx.

    2. hidden


      Y0u kn0w that y0ur c0mputer has t0 be 0n 365 days a year f0r u t0 h0st a server right?

    3. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      i feel the effects of weed is strong in this one ):9(

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