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  1. ok this topic havent been solved , but scanning your character i see you got this in your inventory. Vince. Aura field with 4 slots v801 holyray+40 summit moon dimatex10 trimatex8 difulidx10 antiparalisys x7 meseta 999999 Bank of Vice. vincebank1.jpg (48.94K) Number of downloads: 3 vincebank2.jpg (36.76K) Number of downloads: 3 vincebank3.jpg (29.89K) Number of downloads: 2 so im wondering how is not working? remember the rollback is just to make your character usable again we dont warranty all your items back, actually when you install ultima , and when you create an account here in ultima we clearly mention we are not responsable for any damage to your account ore computer. even tho we take the time to help ppl and make their character usable again. any way Solved and closed. Ty any way larva at least you tried I'm missing a adept a sato panzer tail my other tellusis a excal 40 machine and alot that's just what I remember off the top but thank you larva
  2. I've been Mia for a minute I signed in today sorry no dj no good
  3. march 25 between 12:15-12:00 cali time gcn 42007698 charcter slot 1 vince i asked grimjow to hold iteams so i can transfer from jane 2 vince because i dont trust common bank after my mags incident plus missing iteams etc i hand him the iteams i switch 2 vince it took a little longer than usual to get in and when i got in and checked everything bamm everything except a couple of iteams were ???????????? i tryed to post last night but around the same time the fourm went down this happend
  4. At the rate I'm being harrased I'll be top shouter in no time

  5. You know what grinds my gears Ultima ppl with no team spirit

  6. Serverus lol sorry for the insult but 1 of those pics is with my os+9 equipped my hp is 2 items up what else would I do with a whack hp and look at my stats I haven't shut up about it for almost 3 days
  7. learn how 2 read you guys are making yourselfs look bad
  8. proof of snow queen proof of orphiele seize stats proof of hp and os proof of tellusis stats and v101 and larva u know that my sato keeps reverting into a regular mag u fix it just about everytime u get on
  9. u need to learn how 2 read 2
  10. u guys need to learn how 2 read
  11. 2:11 California time character slot 1 Vince Mm 40 forest 20 dark 45 hit V101 Snow queen tellusis 5 154 41 0 Sato 6 0 45 149 Aura field 4 slot Last night my bank crashed while transferring items to my new character I signed back in at 2:11 to see my stuff missing so far these items are missing I have screenshots I'll come back to edit those in
  12. Mm with 40 forest 20 dark 45 hit XD thanks for the help azami

    1. sheldama


      NP bossman. Azami is here to help

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