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  1. Long time no see man. Hope you're having a good year. Plus, I'm back. Time for chaos once again.


  2. C++ Master? I know one, a pretty damn good one. Ever heard of Genesis 2D? The creator is a friend of mine and if he has some free time he could look at the code. Or maybe his team can do it. But back on topic. I will post more ideas as they come to mind and they will accompany my first post if it's editable to that degree.
  3. I highly appreciate the well thought out answers my suggestions got. I am having a clog but am a never ending well of ideas as I been told. On many other sites the answers to my suggestions would be rude and just not something I'd expect to receive since I'm only trying to enhance the game experience. Again I thank you and now understand some more where the coding stands.
  4. My mind is blank....

  5. This may or may not be considered. But hopefully it opens up ways i thinking. 1.) Mags that can be found as fresh, with no level, no 5 defense, just fresh unfed mags. 2.) A new lobby look. Ghostly, depressing, undead attire. 3.) Brainwashed hunters. A new enemy that appears rarely or often. These npc's will have skills and fight like the players, have guns, swords, etc. But that doesn't mean beating them gets you their weapon. 4.) Cycle levels. I beat the fire dragon, the level resets without having to leave the game and pop right back in. 5.) New mags, photon blasts, and mag fight system. The mag can simulate a very, very weak gun to help fight. 6.) Paperdoll items? I know the weapons are but what about the armors and units? 7.) Bring back some retired items. Like Trap/Search for humans. It gets tiring to use a item one room after another to shoot/avoid traps. 8.) Boss specialized weapon drops. Like the title says when you beat a boss you get a items only it can drop. Claws of the fire dragon, dagger class, piercing affinity, torrential fire/homing lava eruption special skill. From that it should give a definite idea. 9.) Lures. For those that like a challenge. Use a lure like "Noxious Meat" in the forest to attract a ton of enemies. From boomas to hildebears. 10.) Mag fusing. Take two mags with separate stats and fuse them together. It fuses based on a rounding principle. But still follows the max stat points a mag can use. Example. 5 DEF, 5 STR, 0 DEX, 0 MND + 5 DEF, 4 STR, 0 DEX, 0 MND+ STR Material = 5 DEF, 10 STR, 0 DEX, 0 MND. 5+4 STR= 9 Rounded by higher principle equation to 10 STR. 11.) New trap type. Doppleganger. These traps take form of your character and the enemies flock to it. These are not sure fire traps, yet traps with the abilities of master, dim, shadow, etc. With the same special success rate of weapons abilities. 12.) De-stat. Items that wont add, but remove the stats from mags. Un-dex will take the dex away equal to an anti-paralysis. This way a mag can be made with the intention of a true single stat mag. 13.) Mag birth. When a mag is level 200 it's iq is tremendous right? So I was wondering if the iq is high enough at level 200 it will make a baby mag. 14.) Sped up units. 10 seconds may not sound so slow but when you run out of tp at the middle of a fight and get smacked around. Or spend 10 minutes running in circles or waiting outside the door you came into the room in because you used up your tp reviving items. So lets move it up to a second or two per 1 point. 15.) Holds. you use the item and it lets you use an unlimited amount of hp/tp for a set time. Unusable in challenge and battle modes. 16.) increase level cap and add ULTIMA difficulty to keep up with the increased cap difficulty. <--- Inspired by KING RA. 17.) Have a mini event where we all get fat and have large pies as weapons. <---- Inspired by larvas little ooops day. All I can think of for now. I usually post 100 ideas for a game hoping those insane and most un-do-able ideas to spark creativity and propel the gm's to throw well thought out features.