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  1. Technically he did nothing wrong, but it's a prick move.
  2. I can definitely remember her finding a PGF, I was surprised she didn't use the 60% hit sword that she had.
  3. Scam you to get something that I lost back? An error in this server caused me to lose my items then I get accused of stealing? this is extremely offensive and frustrating. Here's a chatlog from when Mio saw both DM's 15:27:47 42092752 RaZorrr wooo 15:27:52 42092752 RaZorrr hello 15:28:00 42092752 RaZorrr go go go 15:30:11 42092318 King Kai mio? 15:30:18 42007240 Jill mio? 15:31:36 42092752 RaZorrr cg 15:31:40 42007240 Jill where did u guys get the dm 15:31:43 42092318 King Kai cg 15:31:49 42092318 King Kai mine and novas 15:31:50 42092318 King Kai lol 15:31:51 42092752 RaZorrr from kai 15:31:59 42007240 Jill o.o 15:32:08 42092318 King Kai thats my brother and friend 15:32:20 42007240 Jill ok This is from the 4th of April, 6 days before I lost one of the DM's
  4. OK, here's the 2 DM's I had. This one is Nova's DM http://i.imgur.com/yQb1a.jpg This one is my DM http://i.imgur.com/pmIIv.jpg When I donated, I got mio to change the stats to mirror the same as Nova's - Mio should be able to remember this.
  5. I know that, are you accusing me off trying to scam? Edit: I had 2 DM's, One which was Nova's and one which was mine. Mio has seen them both in game.
  6. He wanted to see if rolling back his account would help, but it won't help since it's more effort than is needed. Do you want to roll his account back for 2 items?
  7. I am not sure why you need his confirmation, why would the item be on his character when it went missing from Lady Kai, he was just there when I was online... He really has nothing to do with this other than the fact that he was online too.
  8. The DM and Centurion were both with Lady Kai when I disconnected and are now missing, I am 100% sure of this.
  9. As I posted earlier, I only had the DM and Cent on my account for like 10 mins, thats why the rollback wouldn't have brought the DM and Cent back, but Chuk/Mio can make it back right?
  10. Any updates on the rollback situation?
  11. That's cool, will do that using my CMode account. I've logged out of all my accounts for now though. I will transfer everything when the rollback has happened, i will screenshot my materials and what not after it's done.
  12. OK, so I log on to help my brother transfer a Centurion ability and Dark Meteor, I drop the Centurion and then disconnect. Guild Card: 42092318 Character: Lady Kai (Slot 3) Time: 16:18 British Summer Time At the time I had: PWand Merc Rod Summit Moon Glide Divine Marina's Bag 2x Adept v801 God/Technique Thirteen (4 slot) Red Ring (223 DFP/257 EVP) Moro Turquoise (19 Def/181 Mind and Mylla and Youlla) Dark Meteor (0/50/0/50/50) Centurion Ability Quick Chatlog - Time is British Summer Time 16:16:23 42092318 Lady Kai ok 16:16:27 42092318 Lady Kai drop it here 16:16:48 42092318 Lady Kai ok 16:16:51 42092318 Lady Kai come back 16:18:15 42092318 Lady Kai 1 sex 16:18:17 42092318 Lady Kai sec 16:18:20 42092752 RaZorrr ok 16:18:40 42092318 Lady Kai i dont know how to get to menu with keyboard 16:18:56 42092752 RaZorrr ? Pictures DM: http://i.imgur.com/O25Rf.jpg Red Ring: http://i.imgur.com/sBjKm.jpg Right after DC: http://i.imgur.com/vRvJj.jpg Proof of some of my FO items: http://i.imgur.com/ydMVs.png
  13. Zeph

    Hey Kai, do you per chance have an Xbox live account and play ME 3 multiplayer? I found a guy on there the other day with the same profile pic as you XD

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