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877 Pods, 107 konds That was the most intense hunt for a single item in my time here, longer than even this took last year - Complaining

made by @Yalyn

The 1/23500 notepad The 1/10239 notepad It took me 2455 runs of PW4, 12275 total Gi Gue's slain, 9650 during 1/23500, 2625 during 1/10239. TWENTY ONE PDS 122.75 hours during HH or 40.9 HH's wo

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that's sexual harassment ... you don't feel guilty that horrible,, I dont want to know how M.Chief feels, probably he is in one corner of his basement ,, pour him..

another victim from Sunkiss, :onion-head05: be careful all,, she out there.. :onion-head86:

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1st the Ultima lobby (lobby 10 + cyan lights)


Holy snap!


How do you change the colors?

I'd be like green machine lobby man.

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Some color modifications K I R E E K was so kind as to do for me.





Lobby 1 is darn epic now. C:

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