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  1. @Larva Bueno es que la primera Mimi que hice nunca llego a 200 la verdad jajaja.... me refiero a otra que hice ya que la primera estaba muy mal buildeada y me daba flojera arreglarla In this world not meant for me May the lilies bloom for me...
  2. @Larva No lo recuerdo, entro por ratos a subir a 200 mi Mimi y no veo a nadie que conozca y me salgo
  3. Humans are... foolish, but that is why they are strong...

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    2. serverus
    3. Lobotomy


      Unfortunately, this statement contradicts widespread principles in evolutionary biology. Thus, DOUBT.

    4. Mimi


      @serverus Buena referencia de castlevania...

  4. Merry Christmas Eve to All!!!

  5. Sometimes the people you wanted as part of your story are only meant to be a chapter...

  6. My mind still talks to you and my heart still looks for you. But my soul knows you're at peace...

  7. You cannot judge me for the way i chose to deal with my pain...

    1. Trigunman


      We all suffer and deal with pain, whether we learn from it, grow from it or even overcome it altogether.  Whatever does not kill us, only makes us stronger.  Without pain, we would never learn when to stop, to guard ourselves, to learn to protect ourselves or to be wary of what brings pain to others.  No one wants pain or to suffer, but it is an important fact of life we all must learn to deal with and understand.


      Bottom line, there also is only one just judge in this earth...  None of us mere mortals are HIM and one day, He will judge us all righteously.

  8. Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather, it is knowing that you will be okay no matter how things turn out...

  9. Happy anniversary Ultima!!! Pd: My account has the same age than the server... i demand a gift jajaja JK xD
  10. What about new events? maybe weekly ( Protect the GM, Hide & Seek, Q&A events ( Like who wants to be millionaire but with items xD) , etc... )
  11. If people are trying to bring you down, it only means one thing: You are already above them...

    1. Kotta
    2. Trigunman


      Oh, nice!  Thus sayeth teh Mimi!  :onion108:

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