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Free badges for fast turtles

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I will do a little game on block 01 to give my remaining 75 badges in a couple hours, for the ones who couldn't get anything.

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Winners of the remaining badges and extra photon drops:


  • Yaoi Guy (Girtablululu)
  • Yuffie (Ax5u7G12)
  • MecaZora (15+7-3+28-12=?)
  • Poseidon ("GREEN"... wait no, it's "BLUE"... jk it's "GBRLEUEN")
  • RAHZAR- (!)
  • [s l v g] (password in reverse)
  • ilovoli (TaeYeon's class)
  • Smoochum (Shambertin)


Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed the games.

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Aw, I overslept and missed everything :onion-head41: 

[Might ask what was the minievent about, as well :onion-head65: ]

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Basically fastest player to guess a word, calculate a number, type a specific combination of letters or type a word in reverse. One reward max per player so slower players also get a chance.

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