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Sir Rendlan

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I’m looking for a team that can withstand the brutality of CMode.


I would prefer you to have a mic and download TS and we will be talking through Saiths teamspeak server or discord. I will give you that information when needed.


i will be playing as a RAcast or RAmar am wanting a character to either replace those or other ranger classes. One hunter. And one FO if applicable.


Requirements to join is you must have been here for 9 months or longer and can prove to me that your a adequate player and can survive. If you’ve been here less than that and believe your adequate let me know. I’m not barring players I’m only wanting experienced players to join this to make things smooth.


@Fyrewolf5 @mudkipzjm @griffeni Are preferred players or even maybe slyph if he will join me.


trial run will consist of Ultimate TTF, RT, and POD

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