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Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

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s *Please Use this format: "Drop - Enemy - Difficulty - Sec ID - Episode (if relevant)" tyty.   *Please don't edit your post to add more confirmations, just make a new post. It's easier

Oh boi you're gonna loooove this one: Ult Ep1 Gran Sorc Viridia - dun dun    Blue Black Stone! Ult Ep1 Crimson Assassin Viridia - DUN DUN   Magic Rock Heart Key!

Any difficulty any episode any monster - Amore Rose The Amore Rose Infernal Machine : put 99 amore rose together in the machine, you randomly get a Photon Sphere, a Chromatic Orb, a Blue-Black St

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Just now, MadOrNah said:

What dropped the dress plate?

Unsure it was a mass of monsters final room of HoD 1 on ultimate for redria so didn't see but it was either a arlan merlan or deslsaber or claw or bullclaw one

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