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Azur says "Hi!"


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Hello all! :onion-head03:

Name: Azur

Age: 17 years

Preferred contact method: Forum

Hobbies: Sleeping, making cakes and look at the stars

Picture: Hell no!

A little more about your self: I come to play here because a friend showed me the game and I liked it and I wanted to try by myself.

Because I hate being weak I took a LOT of time to create of all my characters and made several accounts. Maybe it's not very clever to begin the game but I want to play a little of everything

I am not a complete beginner, but certainly not a good player neither, so I look forward to improving myself quickly!

You will see me using a lot of server's skin (Rico, Heathcliff, Momoka and Elly at least) because I like PSO story.

And....I think it is enough to present me well :onion-head01:


I can't wait to meet you all!


PS: Like some, English is not my native language, so I will not be a big chatter in game, probably more on the forum where I can take to time to write, and please correct me if I burn your eyes with grammar or else. :onion-head21:

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Welcome to ultima! Here are some links you might find helpful starting out.


PS: I would love to eat your cakes if you ever need a taste tester. :onion-head21:

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