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I'm 3D Animator and modeling


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Hello, I'm 3D Animator and modeling and i really want to help in this game i can create weapon but idk anything about code i only learned a few about python and i want to help in the game i'm using blender to create models i created abot 256 model with my self and i'm pro on it i have 1 year and half on blender and i created a 5 sec animation xD

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But... You can use that experiance in stage design with qedit. PM me if you're still interested in leArning how to make quests.

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Learn pasm to help me with quests Dx qedit.info has all the documentation that I can find.

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45 minutes ago, MrcGamer said:

Oh Ok i will learn it :D does python support the game cause i learned python about 25 day or 20 something like that

no, and pasm takes about 10min to learn and you'll never fully get it xP

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i can help too!
i'm remodeling all the NPCs with blender. i'm still at the guild clerk girl.
then the nurse
then all the others NPCs
and at last every choice in the character creation menu + making every outfit.
i will have 3 models.
1 low polygon model (more polygon than the base model) i be using baked textures for the models and theirs clothes
high polygon model (4x times more polygons) a bit of modeling for the clothes but you still have shrinkwrap for clothes
higest ultimate polygon: all the detail will be here. no baked textures and no shrinkwrap for clothes.

see you guys later! :D

also larva you're really a former Ultima CEO? 😮

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