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  1. @Guido Palau @Soly how much detail do we need? i can't animate or rig things, i could but it's pretty complicated all the templates like the chests + arms, hands, legs, head and neck have to be rigged with bones i cannot do the hair because i suck at it (really) and i can't visualise it how it should be in game same for faces
  2. force female human chest part ill scale later
  3. huge tits template for the guild lady and female npcs the template will be used for other female bodies not reworked yet, just and idea modeled after Vert from hyperdimension neptunia
  4. updated chest with similar chest size human female/ newman female have a bigger chest than the guild lady it's easy to edit to size
  5. i hope so, it would be so cool
  6. Head 10 remodel next: head and body remodel
  7. i will learn to use bevels and other things to make the hair and make several version of the long hair for female characters because the beautiful wavy hair can have many way of being made
  8. good news about modding i've exported most maps with ninjaripper except for the second and third part of the maps (i've only done forest 1, cave 1, mine 1, ruins 1, for episode 1) Episode 2 (central control jungle, beach, forest, seabead 1, VR Temple 1, Spaceship 1) since i've exported everything except for mags and weapons, i'm gonna work on it everything will be reworked/with baked textures for maps and actual depth for models one step at a time with every head of every player choice for Ranger, Hunter, Force Human/Newman/CAST Male/Female
  9. good luck with your semester stuff
  10. metroid prime is a special series for everybody
  11. making the secretary too stopped the nurse remodel for a while, it's only the hair that's left and eyes i did the secretary jacket and her holy tiddies and her legs and skirt too
  12. hair update first time making hair like that (still need to do the bangs, the hair ends in the back and all the hair on the head
  13. i'm playing disgaea games (disgaea 1 on DS and disgaea 4 on ps3) taken a break with resonnance of fate (ps3) (game made by idiots who know how guns work but it's cool so who cares) (reality also doesn't apply to video games, know but it's weird) i'm playing pso on gamecube wondering how i can mod it heavily and add stuff and how to code on gamecube neptunia games on steam (yay :D) (bought them all at the 10 years sales), i love that company Except for the idol game who is trash because of NIS fuck NIS
  14. nurse face and body without textures the face is sub par because i'm bad at making faces all is left is: the hair and the textures and the rendering
  15. now i got a problem with Blender Yay every time i try to apply textures it crashes so yeah, no textures for a while
  16. but bernie & other "accompany" NPCs in quests are rigged and have been programmed for quests i don't think doing a reconstruction of the NPC would be good because it wouldn't be rigged, programmed or have dialogue and stuff
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