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Found 2 results

  1. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 6/1/2016 - : 12:14 PM CST Description: Syn loaned me a DM when I was on my FOmar and I deposited it into the common bank to change to my RAmarl when I logged back in the item was not in my common bank. I contacted Syn and asked if he still had the item he got back online and it wasn't there Comments: The stats on the DM are 0/100/0/90/80. I was just recently schooled on the common bank and now I don't use it all this is where my problems come in at and I noticed its always around the same time in the am on the nights I stay up really late and play. Notes: Guildcard -Syn's GC number is - 42086467 -Syn's Character Slot is 3 -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 1 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -2:45 am server time apx -4:45 am CST apx ​Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Multi-Highlight (for Chrome) and Phrase Highlighter (for Firefox) are extensions that I've found extremely useful when trying to find specific items of a page. It's helped me save soo much time in online shopping (searching product descriptions for specific features etc) school work & studying (finding specific topics / people / terms, etc) and of course looking through GINORMOUS PSO TRADELISTS!! Just overall, it's been useful for general research purposes. It can help you too! Basically it's a super highlighter. Enter any words you want highlighted on web pages into it. Every time you load a page, it will automatically highlight ALL the words that you put in it. Here's an example of use: I wanted these terms highlighted: Buy Sell trade selling buying rambling may bringers bringer rifle psycho wand girasole red ring hylian shield discs disc disks techs tech spell spells razonde Mat Mats material materials 1. Install highlighter extension (Multi-Highlight for Chrome) or (Phrase Highlighter for Firefox) 2. Enter the terms you want to highlight into the extension for Chrome for Firefox 3. Here are sample results of the highlights from R-78's huge trade list: So as you can see, these extensions can make scanning long pages REALLY easy. You can very quickly locate the terms you're looking for. If you need help with it, just holler. I've been the using the Chrome highlighter extension for very long time!
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