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Found 36 results

  1. Cant type in the password space. I could type in userID but other than that I cant go further than this.. Am i missing a step or something? I try clicking on password space or just the word password. But no avail
  2. I try to play the game but i keep getting a failed connection error that says the servers may be under maintenance but its been saying that for a week now.
  3. I have an Xbox One controller hooked up through USB. Using Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. The controller is detected in windows 10 and all the buttons/sticks are responsive in the device properties. The problem is when I get into the game, the controller just doesn't work with one exception: prior to selecting my character and landing on the ship, I have limited functionality. When I am in the opening screen (just after launching) I can use the A button (button 1) to skip to login like normal. When I get to the login dialog itself, I have to use the keyboard again and the controller will not work to select different options. Then after I've put in my password/sn, I can again use the controller to make my character selection... proving that the joystick and d-pad works fine. BUT after I've selected my character and the square dialog box pops up in the right (that asks if I want to confirm my selection or change outfits etc) my controller cannot be used to make any selections here or to even select confirm. So I go back to keyboard. Then after loading and getting into the ship/lobby all controller functionality is gone. What's going on here and how do I fix this? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys! I'm new to the Forums and I peaked around, read the FAQ post etc. but didn't see my particular issues. I played last night, no issues. Logged in today and my items have new names. For example my MAG was named Magdhu and now she's Elenor. My Sonic Magazines in the bank are now called Cane. My equipment (Dragon HP I think its called? and General something- sorry forgot the names) are now called God/TP. There's a bunch of things like this and I thought my items were just different until I tried to wield my new Cane and realized it was still a Sonic Mag. (Language is still set to English in the Launcher.) Also whenever I close the game and try to boot it up again it seems to dissapear from my PC and I have to install it again. The desktop shortcut says "the game doesnt exist" or some such and when I search my PC for "pso" it can ONLY find the useless desktop shortcut. Now when I go to reinstall - everytime I want to play - I get an error message that says the install failed but when I close that message the Launcher is waiting for me behind it and everything seemed to work just fine. Any ideas on my issues? Thanks a lot! -Richard
  5. In an attempt to fix some lag issues i was having in game, I reset my game launcher settings. In doing so, I wiped my "remember me" credentials, including my User ID. I CAN'T REMEMBER IT FOR THE LIFE OF ME! I have my guildcard number, and all of my forum information (aware it isn't the same. Is there a way to recover my User ID information? is it on my guildcard information? Any help would be truly appreciated. Truly yours, - A dumb-dumb (artbob)
  6. Hi there, I've just downloaded the PSOBB and created my account and password, after entering these and clicking onto connect I get an error message telling me the servers are down but players in the chat are currently online! I turned off my firewall and entered everything correctly but I still can't connect :/ thanks a lot, Ziggy
  7. Hey all I'm doing my first Hucast and I'm having some issues trying to make my way up to Ultimate difficulty. I'm level 104 and need to level up and gear up some. However all the good gear is in Ultimate so I've kind of hit the wall. If anyone could give an order of my priorities for gear to start making my way in Ultimate that would be great. Current Gear: Weapons: Chain Sawd - no hit Diska of Braveman - 30 hit Charge Repeater 45 hit L&K - 30 hit Daylight Scar - 30 hit Red Coat 4 slots (have Black Hound and BOVN in the bank but can't equip yet) - V101, V501, Cent/Luck, God/Arm Regenerate Gear B.P. Sato 160 Power, 40 Dex (also currently working on a dex main mag for Ult) Thanks in advance for insights
  8. been playing this game a lot on an emulator, but i wanna play it online with some friends and so i made an account and such for this server, but i cant get my gamecube controller to work, and as i am so used to it i find the keyboard controls kind of annoying. Any ideas on how to get it to work? i have a mayflash adapter and i plug it in before the game starts. I dont really know what drivers i need to get if any, or if there is just some setting you can turn on to make it work, and ive seen other people talking about getting their gc controller to work but now how they got it to. any help is appreciated
  9. Noopy

    Lost PBC

    Hello, Guildcard: 42149832 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 20/17/2018 - 05:40 UTC -0 (10 minutes ago) Description: I withdrawed several items from my Character bank in order to put them in the Common bank, but I crashed. I logged and wanted to put them in the Common bank, but not everything was here. Comment: I'm sure there is a PBC missing, maybe also other items Can you fix me, please? Noopy
  10. Hi so I’ve been playing for about two weeks and as of two days ago my game has been crashing and I’m not sure why. It’s very frustrating because I thought it was my internet failing on me but it’s not that. So now I’m stuck and confused as to why it’s crashing suddenly. Can anyone possibly tell me why this is happening to me?!?!
  11. Hi all, I'm pretty new to the server. I played PSO on Dreamcast & Gamecube back in the day. When I found the server I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'm having a blast. I don't know what content I should be doing to improve my character at this point. I'm level 99 on my RACast (Redria). I'm sure I could grind out more levels and there'd be improvement there. Should I still be doing TTF Ultima, or other content at this point? I've got some decent low-mid range weapons (Crush Bullet for aoe, Rianov 303SNR-2 for single target). What weapons should I be targeting from here? My mag is 200, but it's a Kama. Is it worth pursuing the rare mags with special evolution requirements? For my armor slots I'm using 4x Master/Ability. Should I stick with the ability upgrades or start targeting /Power units? Thanks!
  12. Hi, my friend has just got this game, its not going on full screen for her and the quality is really bad, does anyone know why this is happening?
  13. Would anyone be willing to come and game with me and help me? I'm level 55 but I'm new to the world of pc gaming!! I used to play this on og xbox so I know how to play just need a little help! Thanks in advance
  14. Guildcard: 42161711 Character Slot: n/a common bank Date/Time: around 20 December 2015 breef description. yesterday I finally came back to the server after a few months, everything was fine and I played a few games I then noticed all my photon arts in my bank was gone, I had 30+ because I was trying to buy a spread needle back in the day, I didn't think I could do anything tell I met a player called one, she said I can message you guys for a chance I can get them back and that the shared storage was bugged, I immediately removed all valuable stuff from shared storage. I could not find no one to help me in the lobby and I had to go as I got work today, that's the reason this post is late. thank you for reading my post kind regards dunte11
  15. I just made a new account on my schools server to play this game heard about this from a few friends who played on this server and when i made my account it says i'm banned. is this some sort of bug?
  16. Hello. I am Zippo5767, call me Zippo if you will, and I am super excited to be here. One thing I noticed is that the game keeps telling me I have the wrong username and password when I try to play. I use the same username and password from the site in the game, right?
  17. Hi so i tried to log on this morning and it said I was banned as far as i know i did nothing wrong pls help
  18. On 02/28/2016, my humar Ishmael was reset back to level 1. I just reached level 109 or 110, and when I got back on 30 min. after being singed out earlier for internet connection error, Ishmael was a level 1 and every item he had on his person and in the bank was gone, all except for 300 meseta, as if i just made a new character. The guild card is 42149200. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Everything loads up good my characters are there, pick a character....matrix screen for like 3 seconds then black screen, sometimes i see the lobby for a second but then goes to black screen
  20. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 3/1/2016 - : 09:23 AM UTD Description: Got on PSO like I normally do in the am left the game on all night had to re login and when I did I noticed a few things were missing out my inventory I acquired last night. Comments: The items were a phoenix claw and 20 pds I had got through some trading as of now these are the only things I am noticing. Notes: Guildcard -N/A. -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 2 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -9:00 am server time apx Thanks, Anthony A. ​
  21. i can't play.. because banned massiaig
  22. So I've played the game before on this computer but suddenly it crashes on startup. I've reinstalled the program a few times, I even took the files from a computer that can run the game and pasted them to the computer that cannot start it up and it still crashes. I decreased the resolution in the options as that was posted in this forum before still nothing. From a clean install when it crashes it gives me the error BEX for the event name the rest is 0's and I have no idea what that means.
  23. bueno en resumen estaba jugando un partida con el miembro del team stoneteam( que despues se salio del team por *error*) que se llama belen y jenifer, y le preste una heaven striker y su mag, y despues se desconecta y que ya no tenia los 2 items,. me dicen los que lo conocen que ya habia robado antes no tome fotos cuando le preste los items ojala me puedan ayudar su gc es 42156347
  24. Hey guys first of all my in-game main character is Nash my guild number is 42155034 I was feeding 4 mags at the same time and before i leveled the Kalki (34) to lvl 35 i send it to bank and swtich to my ranger and then switch back to my main, all good there. When i logged back in with my main character all my mag stats were completely different and the kalki a level to 35 was again 34 lvl. The two Kaitabha evolved into Garuda and they both had 45dex and 5 Def and the Kalki evolved to Surya. Now the two Garudas somehow turn back into kaitabha and no longer have the 45 dex (which i need to make my special #4 mags) now the dex they lost went to Def and the Surya turn back to Kalki. I really don't know what happened there and i need help getting those stats back. I whish i had screenshots from before the bug but had no idea something like this would happen. This was about 10 minutes before i created this post.
  25. I am setting up a local server to be able to help troubleshoot new developments to the ultima server. I am new here in general but I am pleased with my experience so far and would be happy to help however I can. Also, I listed some new ideas and want to show how they can be implemented. I had made one on an old computer with the pioneer2 files but they are gone now. I downloaded the files on http://psobbshaeo.jimdo.com/but I ran into a problem when hex editing the executables. What I did on my old local server was find the ip address sodaboy put ( or something like that) then edit in my own. But on these files I can't seem to find the ip address. The client is titled crystal-argo, and I guess is different than the regular one sodaboy released forever ago. It probably has a different ip address and I am wondering if anyone knows what it is, or has a download link to the original tethealla client. I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't find a more appropriate section that would let me start a new topic. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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