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  1. The amazing @Ender replied to me on discord with these answers! I'm very grateful! Also gave me the permission to copy paste them all here. ❤️ ---------------------------------- " That theory sounds awfully familiar :I. I wasted some time looked at the Teth source and for public Teth... I see how the table for commons in the source is setup but I don't understand how these rates translate. For example with the default configuration file, you get this table where each element is just 100000 / item_type_rate where the rate is from the ship.ini. common_rate
  2. Essentially I'm playing around in the .ini files of a Tethealla server build to play PSOBB offline with my own drop rates and etc. I figured out pretty much how to change all the values and how they work. But those are the values I can't figure out that are found in the ship.ini file: " # The following are the common drop rates used on the server with 100000 being all the time and # 0 being never. # # Box weapon drop rate 30000 # Box armor/shield drop rate 20000 # Box mag drop rate 10 # Box tool drop rate 50000 # Box meset
  3. Those are the answers I got throughout the day from our extremely generous and patient Soly! ❤️ (If you see this again Soly, thank you so freakin much yet again. I was loosing sleep and completely obsessed with this over the past 3 days because of my OCD and it all got put to rest finally). For the 4k native res + Virtual Fullscreen integration: Essentially outside form the Ephinea and Ultima versions of the game/setup there doesn't seem to be any easy fix/solution for that unless I can code it/rework it myself (which I obviously can't). The best I can obtain currently
  4. @Martikush It's very sweet of you to propose so nicely and all but I insist on playing offline for the reasons I mentioned. And I typically prefer vanilla content. I'm not someone to mod or play unofficial content (or extremely rarely so anyway). I saw what Reshade can do and also the possibility of having ray tracing in PSO but I don't like the resulting effects much tbh. Btw loosing an RTX 3080 during these times is a really sad affair. I'm legit sorry for you damn. And yeah I'd be surprised if it would only be a question of an .ini file lmao. I doubt so too. I saw some mentions o
  5. So essentially I recently found out I can play PSOBB offline locally without the risk of a server closing and losing all my progress all the while, if I wish to, pretty much do whatever I want in it like boosting the EXP rates and such. I found out about it through google here in a NeoGAF post for a Teth Server setup to play offline: https://www.neogaf.com/threads/you-can-play-psobb-offline.1239393/ I'm super happy and all of that is very cool BUT...I play on a 4K TV and the launcher included seems to be the general use one released by @tofuman which lacks, from what I
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