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  1. Hola, I have a bunch of grinders, power, and mind materials available at the moment. I am still updating Please feel free to request items as I have a big list to go through if you know what I mean . AddSlot x99 Blue-Black Stone x12 Cladding of Epsilon x3 Def Material x99 Def Material x67 Delsaber's Left Arm Delsaber's Right Arm Digrinder x99 Digrinder x99 Frozen Booster Harmonic Resonance Core HP Material x99 HP Material x99 HP Material x99 Luck Material x20 sold Magic Rock "Heart Key" Magic Rock "Moola" Magic Stone "Iritista" x2 Mind Material x99 Mind Material x99 Mind Material x99 Mind Material x99 Monogrinder x99 Monogrinder x99 Monogrinder x99 Photon Booster Power Material x99 Power Material x99 S-Red's Arms x3 Star Amplifier x7 Stellar Shard Trigrinder x99 Trigrinder x99 Thank you for your time. Hit me
  2. Hello, After playing here on and off again for the past 7 or so years, I have decided to fully move over to Ephinea's server. I kinda feel their more vanilla approach appeals to me more. Also, the stronger weapons make me plow through most enemies with relative ease, which gets a tad boring to be over time. Because of this decision I'd like to offer a somewhat unconventional trade, since I'm offering my stuff here for stuff on Ephinea. If people are interested in this offer I can supply you with a list of what I have to offer on this server. For Ephinea, I'm looking for mostly HUcaseal stuff. Just let me know. And a wholehearted goodbye to all of you ❤️
  3. *Lucy's Shop* Feel free to PM me for the best and fastest responds Prices are always negotiable so i don't put them in the list. Interested in an item? just pm me for the min/max price and we can meet online. Most popular items: Crimson Sword [0/0/0/0/40] Psycho Raven [0/0/0/45/0] Iron Faust [100/0/100/0/50] Mille Marteaux [0/10/0/30/20] Wedding Dress x3 Centurion Power Halo Rappy Soul x3 0-5 PD's Cheap Items: (Buying multiple gives big discount) (Melee) Bloody Art [0/0/0/0/30] Cross Scar [0/40/0/0/20] Gungnir (Berserk) [0/0/0/30/40] Diska of Braveman [0/0/0/35/35] Double Saber [0/0/30/0/0] Lavis Cannon [35/0/30/0/0] Asuka [35/0/0/0/30] Vivienne [40/0/0/0/40] Swords (Melee): Lame D'argent [25/0/0/0/0] (0 kills) Lame D'argent [0/0/0/0/0] (0 kills) Lame D'argent [0/0/0/0/0] (4000 kills) Girasole [50/0/0/0/0] Girasole [40/0/0/35/0] Girasole [0/35/25/0/0] Crimson Sword [0/0/0/0/40] 0-5 PD's Cheap Items (Buying multiple gives big discount) (Range) Laser (Arrest) [30/0/35/0/35] Just-23ST [0/0/0/35/25] Vulcan (Frost) [5/0/0/0/35] L&K14 Combat [0/0/0/0/25] Spread Needle [30/0/0/30/0] Spread Needle [0/35/40/0/0] Spread Needle [0/0/0/10/0] Spread Needle [0/0/0/35/0] Red Handgun [0/25/0/0/0] Frozen Shooter [0/0/30/0/25] Yasminkov 7000V [0/45/0/0/0] Ophelie Seize [0/30/0/0/0] Ophelie Seize [0/35/0/0/0] Guns (Range) Vulcan (Berserk) [0/40/45/0/45] Vulcan (Berserk) [0/0/0/40/45] Vulcan (Charge) [0/0/30/35/40] L&K14 Combat [0/0/35/0/45] Psycho Raven [0/0/0/45/0] Iron Faust [100/0/100/0/50] Mille Marteaux [0/10/0/30/20] Cannon Rouge [0/45/0/0/0] Cannon Rouge [0/0/35/0/0] Banana Cannon [25/0/0/35/0] Armors / Shields Aura Field (DFP 28/50 - EVP 17/20) Aura Field (DFP 42/50 - EVP 16/20) Aura Field (DFP 49/50 - EVP 9/20) Aura Field (DFP 40/50 - EVP 16/20) Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (DFP 0/10 - EVP 1/10) Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou (DFP 8/10 - EVP 0/10) Wedding Dress (DFP 0/100 - EVP 0/40) Wedding Dress (DFP 0/100 - EVP 0/40) Wedding Dress (DFP 0/100 - EVP 0/40) Yata Mirror (DFP 0/20 - EVP 0/25) Units: V801 Centurion Ability Centurion Power Miscellaneous: Addslots (buying a high amount gives big discount) Heaven Striker Coat Jack o Lantern Mag Cells ______________________________________________________________________________________ Items i'm looking for: Ultima Reaper (Hit) Dual Bird / Last Swan (Max or close to max stats) Master Raven (With max or decent stats) Psycho Black Crystal Spread/Arrest Needle (Hit) Donation Tickets Photon Drops
  4. Hey guys These items are for sale/trade and all of them are somewhat negotiable. 🙂 If you buy more than one item, maybe I'll get you a discount ;D So feel free to dm me I will keep this list updated whenever I get something new :3 Happy shopping/trading! ❤️ I accept DTs as well as PDs. My trade ratio would be 7(PD):1(DT). My wishlist: PDs/DTs obviously , Sonicteam Armor, DF and Ten Years Blade Keep it clean
  5. Rivaul


    The store will return in another new post :3 Last edited: 07/13/2021 :3
  6. Hi i sell my sacred bow, i don't know price for it ?
  7. Hello good people of Ultima. Here is a list of stuff I have for trade. Prices are listed with PD for the most part , I will take DT at 1:7 Feel free to PM for anything! Thank you for taking the time to browse the list and good hunting everyone!
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a new DM or a DF (my biggest preference is DM). If you have any of the following items that interest you, just send me a message. These are some of the items that are available. I have more cool stuff too. If you are interested in changing your DM or your DF, let me know what you like. I also have PD and DT. Already warning, because of the high cost of DM and DF I prefer, if possible, to get almost 100% in the exchanges. Thank you. I am looking for the PGF (around 300) or DF or DM item among these statuses. 50/0/0/50 / 50hit 0/50/0/50 / 50hit 0/0/50/50 / 50hit Or above. (You can also look at my other two stores. In posts close to this.) Hell Needle 0/0/0/0 (S-Rank) Mille Marteaux 0/0/0/0/45hit Mille Marteaux 35/0/0/0/45hit Mille Faucilles 0/25/30/0/30hit Mille Faucilles 0/0/0/0/50hit Mille Faucilles 40/0/40/0/35hit Mille Faucilles 35/0/0/0/35hit Mille Faucilles 0/0/0/25/35hit Vivienne 35/35/0/0/50hit Arrest Needle 0/0/25/0/35hit Arrest Needle 100/0/100/0/80hit Dual Bird 0/0/40/100/40hit Dual Bird 40/0/0/35/35hit Dual Bird 0/0/40/0/35hit Iron Faust 0/0/100/100/80hit Iron Faust 0/30/0/0/45hit Heaven Striker 50/0/0/0/45hit Snow Queen 0/0/0/0/45hit Rika`s Claw 0/0/0/40/55hit Crush Cannon 0/30/0/0/60hit Sange & Yasha 0/40/0/0/50hit Cannon Rouge 0/35/0/0/45hit Rianov 303SNR-5 0/100/0/100 Bomb Chu 40/0/0/40 Psycho Raven 35/0/40/30 Sonic Team armor Wedding Dress Samurai Armor Kroe`s Sweater Red Ring x4 RR - Cat Scratch RR - Angel Costume RR - Bunny Safety heart Adept x4 Centurion Ability 7x Stellar Shard 5x Proof of Sonic team 1x Harmonic Resonance Core Need something that is not here? Tell me what you need. Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone. I've got a nice Zanba here. It's stout and puts it out. Zanba +38 [0/0/100/100|80 Had good times with this sword and hard times. Looking around out there to see what's avaliable. Looking to set up my hucast. Wants: DTs , SoV 60+ hit , Tjs , Proof of sonic team.
  10. I have an Iron Faust I am Looking to Trade. Stats are: Iron Faust +18 Native: 0 A.Beast: 30 Machine: 0 Dark: 45 I am currently looking for the Following Weapons With Hit% Spread Needle. Aesteron Striker. Millie Marteux. Hell Needle. PM. Me if you are interested in Trading.
  11. This is what I have Right Now (More to come Soon!!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 18x God/Arm 11x God/HP 2x God/Body 5x Hero/Ability 2x Cure/Confuse 7x Cure/Shock -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what I'm Looking For --------------------------------------------------------------------- Agito (AUW1975) Real Sange Yasha Raikiri Asuka Soul Banish Yunchang Sealed J-Sword -------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy/Sell/Trade Always willing to Bargain!!! Message me with any offers and I will respond A.S.A.P. I work shift work so my hours are always changing so please be patient when waiting on a response!!! Thank You for your Patronage
  12. Hello! Welcome to my shop/tradelist! I also offer unsealing services! 15 pds for Limiters, and 25 pds for SJS' SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! This is the first one I've done, or if I've done one I don't really remember it, so it's probably going to be edited a lot! Wants: Decent statted Meteor Cudgel, PGF/Dark Weapon
  13. I am looking to make some room on one of my chars and so i can play on it more. the char is potter he is a fomar like harry potter and he often gets lost in the school. here are some the things he found while there. cent/ability luminious field excalibur 10 machine master raven bamboo spear 25 hit caduceus the one rupika uses centerien mind woks of akikos shop earth wand brownie guardiana . the prices are low and if grouped i can do a bargin or sale on the weekend. as of right now all of them are 5-8pd in less its the excalibur
  14. Hello, everyone, i am trading the pyscho ravens with 0 stats, i know thats a bummer. i found one of the original pyscho black crystals when they were first released and i was still new to the game. Since then i have had master raven with hit drop but at the time this was all i had so i made the pyscho ravens anyways. please let me know what you offer weather this trade value or if you offer pd. I am not asking alot for them but can still be a huge addition to a high level racast or a strong hu. it does miss but not very often, like ogla and ep4 is about the only places. i am asking the 88 pd or 12 dts. let me know your offers. ps. i did see all the sjs drop
  15. hola, amigos, tengo bastantes dudas sobre los dts. les agradecería mucho su ayuda. Para empezar, los DTS son objetos en el juego? cómo se cambia el dinero de verdad por dts? y en caso de que no sean objetos en el juego... qué clase de cuenta se debe crear para depositar los dts?
  16. hi, I Trade uno Blue-black stone and une magic rock "heart key" for one chromatic orb
  17. I am looking for Psycho Raven / HS, or make me a offer. PM me. STATS 0/0/15/25/20
  18. I have an Agito 1975, looking to sell for 1 pd or trade
  19. Sked

    Sked's Shop

    Thingd I am looking for: Pizza
  20. Or can trade for units.. Adepts, Cent/ Battle, or Cent/ Arms, etc.
  21. Here's my current trade list. I'll be updating it regularly.
  22. Offer all for YAS 100 Soul 0/0/35/0/30 Halo Rappy Soul x2 Psycho Black Crystal Centurion/Battle 90 Pds 7 DTS send me pm for speak
  23. TRADE maxed DARK flow vs DARK meteor !
  24. yeyy

    S/T> TJS

    looking for ranger weps tbh, but i'm up for any offers ^^ pm if you want a faster reply
  25. i trade: pds>5mind search lidia
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