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Found 13 results

  1. I need 2 Cent/abilities, and a cent/battle God/ability, and Heavenly ability is also acceptable, but would pref. cent UPDATE: found them, thank you!
  2. Title says it all. PM or post offers.
  3. Please use this format: Drop - Enemy - Difficult - Section ID - Episode Don't edit your post to add more confirmations, just make a new post. Summer Drops Soul Booster Psycho Black Crystal Centurion/Battle Centurion/Legs Centurion/TP Centurion/Technique Trap Search Blood Sword Zanbeacon Regular Drops
  4. Centurion/Battle Auction! What I Want: dts or pds only Starting Bid: 40dts or 265pds (6.6 ratio) When It Ends: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/centurion-battle-auction-countdown-clock Good luck to all!
  5. JOIN HERE Welcome to the Hunter's Guild, a Phantasy Star Online Ultima Discord voice chat! Finally a fully functional voice chat group you can easily jump in without fussing with installing any software! You can use this anytime to easily chat with others on the server. Collaborate more easily while playing quests or Challenge mode! Taunt your opponents or hear them whine as you take them down in Battle mode! Perform trades faster without the back and forth texting required by trades! You can do it all easily in this voice chat. Just select the voice channel you want to easily jump in and out while playing! Popup & sound notifications are also supported! SCREENSHOT Credits to Amakou-Skye for his awesome artwork used in the first photo!
  6. Buying a Centurion Battle. I offer 40 Donation Ticket. you can pm me or reply on here
  7. Sunday Battle Event #2! Will be taking place Sunday October 12 at 4PM Eastern time! This event will feature 4 person Rule 6 with CASTS ONLY This weeks prizes will be 5 DTS for the winner of each match and 10 DTS for the overall winner. This will again be held on the spot, if you can't make it for the time you can not participate! There will be a 16 player max so to assure that you get a spot I will be allowing people to say they are coming via this forum post, however if you are not present at the set time your spots will be offered up if there are 16 people and you have not been heard from. This will be set up as 4 games of 4 person rule 6, with the winner of each of the 4 rounds winning 5 DTS. After that all 4 winners will play each other for the grand prize. The winner be will the player with the lowest level at the end of the match! If there is not enough for 4 games or someone has to leave the runner up in points will get to participate in the final round so screenshots must be taken of everyones levels at finish! What is Rule 6? It is a small arena with 2 gates that open to let both sides get at each other, levels are set and you start with no gear. You battle to the death with the weapons you find and whatever weapon is equipped when you die is dropped. The winner is the one who finishes the match with the most point! Best of luck to all who enter!
  8. Craving for some fair battles? Ready for a new battle style? Subscribe this event and enjoy a new way of battling! How it works? To participate you have to say you want on this thread, you can pick a red or a blue color, this will determine your position in the brackets of the tournament, or you can leave that to me. Rules? You must create a level 1 character of the class i will specify. After you will give me all the gear that character owns and proceed to the selected stage chosen by me. Once I give the signal you may proceed to battle, inside the stage, enemies may spawn and both will have to handle it as you see fit. First to kill the other 3 times advances to the next round Prizes? Winner of the tournament wins a sealed j-sword with 40 hit and 40 attributes to add. *hit can be transformed into attributes if desired As you advance in the brackets you might win additional prizes, this means you might get rewarded when you advance in tiers. Subscription deadline? You got until the 20th of this month to subscribe, some matches will start on the 17th depending on subscribers present. In order to keep the tournament going as fast as possible. Español Deseas unas batallas justas? Listo para un nuevo estilo de batalla? Subscribe en este evento y disfruta de una nueva forma de luchar! ¿Como funciona? Para participar tienes que decir que deseas en este topico, puedes escoger rojo o azul, esto determinará tu posición en los grupos del torneo, o puedes me dejar elegir. ¿Reglas? Debes crear un personaje de nivel 1 con la clase que especificaré. Después tendras que me dar todo el equipo que tienes en ese personaje y proceder a la etapa elegida por mí. Una vez que dé señal puedem proceder a la batalla, dentro de la etapa, pueden aparecer enemigos y ambos tendrán que manejar la situación lo mejor que puedan. El primero que mata el otro 3 vezes avanza a la seguiente rounda. ¿Premios? El canador recibe una sealed j-sword con 40 hit y 40 atributos para añadir. A medida que avances en los grupos puedes ser recompensado cuando ganas. ¿Limite de suscrpción? Tienes hasta el 20 de este mes para suscribirte, algunas partidas comenzarán en el 17 de este mes en función de los suscriptores actuales. A fim hacer con que el torneo sea rápido. Português Anseias umas batalhas justas? Pronto para um novo estilo de batalha? Inscreve-te neste evento e disfruta de uma nova maneira de lutar! Como funciona? Para participar tens que dizer neste tópico que queres participar, podes escolher entre vermelho e azul, isto irá determinar a tua posição nos grupos do torneio, ou podes deixar isso comigo. Regras? Tens de criar um personagem de nível 1 com a classe que irei especificar. Depois terás de me dar o equipamento que esse personagem tem e avançar para o nível que eu escolhi. Depois que dou o sinal podem começar a lutar, dentro do nível, enimigos podem aparecer e ambos teram que lidar com o problema. O primeiro a matar o outro 3 vezes avança para a próxima ronda. Prémios? Winner of the tournament wins a sealed j-sword with 40 hit and 40 attributes to add. As you advance in the brackets you might win additional prizes, this means you might get rewarded when you advance in tiers. Limite para subscrição? Tens até ao dia 20 deste mês para te inscreveres, alguns dos jogos começaram no dia 17 dependendo de quantos estão inscritos no momento. De maneira a fazer o torneio avançar o mais rápido possivel.
  9. Guildcard: 42174343 Character Slot: N/A Date/Time: N/A Description: I tried Brutal Baranz Blight, which is under battle mode, with @r-78 and @kamlang. Everything went well during the quest, but then I left the room and played again and as soon as I tried to drop/use any item that I got during the quest (star atomizer, hp mats, ...), I got disconnected (Err 100.). Tried it twice, got d/c'd twice. Comments: I don't really know if this is Brutal Baranz Blight related or Battle mode related since I've only tried with Brutal Baranz Blight items but it doesn't really make sense for it to be BBB-related.
  10. Great news to start the summer with. Ultima server updates thanks to @tofuman who helped us out a lot. Trade window. Now users can safely trade. The trade windows has been tested and is 100% working. Enjoy Battle Score saves - The server now saves your character battle score. Mag De-sync - an improvement to the problem of the mag de-sync has been made. hopefully this will stop the entire problem with mags. Also ( probably the most exiting change is ) that tofuman made changes to prevent the bug "???", this is still work in progress but the bug will be occurring less often. All credits for the changes applied to the ship go to tofuman ( big thanks for that ) Work in progress. Tofuman will be implementing a working team point system. Here, teams will be able to have a /teambank to share items with ranked team members and also be able to use the team points. This and some more extra functionalities we will explain later. Enjoy, and any feedback is appreciated!
  11. We proudly announce the beginning of the long awaited summer event! This event includes many things like : New items Buffed up monsters to fight Random 5x exp Increased Rare monster appearances Regular Event drops More Happy Hours The new items We will introduce 4 brand new items to ultima. Centurion/Battle An evil grin should appear on your face while reading the name of this powerful new unit. It does exactly what you expect it to do : increase your battle speed by a whooping 50% instead of the previous max speed increase of 40% on V101 and Heavenly/Battle. Prepare to slaughter monsters at the speed of sonic! DROP: YELLOW / GIRTABLULU ORAN / KONDRIU SKYLY / EPSILON WHITILL / DARK FALZ Trap Search Not a droid? Don't wanna wear a specific armor/shield to reveal traps? Search no more! Never get a nasty surprise like being frozen between 5 hildetorrs that woke up from their daily nap... Thanks to this nifty piece of technology, traps can be spotted kilometers ahead without having to carry trap visions. DROP: VIRIDIA / BARANZ GRINHILL / BARANZ BLUEFULL / MORFOS Psycho crystal A new kind of crystal has been discovered on Ragol. And what better is there to do than turn anything you find into a blasting new weapon? That's right, nothing! This crystal can now be used to create the mighty PSYCHO RAVEN when used on a MASTER RAVEN. We won't spoil too much about this gun, only one way to find out its true power... Get hunting! DROP REDRIA / MORFOS Powermage Saber "Forces are pussies, they are scared to make their hands dirty so they use spells to attack from far away... " Next time you hear someone say this, take them out for a little walk in the forest... This weapon will beat all their arguments, and their head Introducing the strongest Melee weapon for FOrces, the Blood Sword. It's show time! DROP PINKAL / SAINTMILLION The buffed monsters Of-course those new fancy items are not easy to get. They are guarded by a special breed of buffed monsters who easily might wipe the floor with any unprepared hunter. Prepare your best skills to take em down and loot the new treasures! Morfos Stats : / Baranz Stats : / We know you love those... So we made them a little stronger Update in drops Well since summer is almost over, i have change the drop rates to make them little easier. so far this are the changes. Cent/battle: FAlz Purple 1/102 falz white 1/102 epsilon skyly 1/102 KONDRIU ORAN 1/16 girtabuble yellow 1/73 Psycho Black Crystal Morfo Redria 1/73 morfos Blue 1/73 morfos yellow 1/73 Blood Sword Saint million Pink 1/9 Saint million purple 1/9 Trap/search Garanz Viridia 7/32 Garanz greenhill 7/32 / More items might get released during he event self. A big thank you to Kajex for making the skin of the new weapons, to Orange bo... I mean Lee for his pmt editor, to Larva for his work put into the event and the rest of the staff for keeping the server going! EVENT IS ACTIVE Estamos orgullosos de anunciar el comienzo del tan esperad evento de verano! Este evento incluye muchas cosas como: Nuevos productos Monstruos pulimentados hasta luchar Random exp 5x El aumento de apariciones de monstruos raros Cae Evento Regular More Happy Hours Los nuevos artículos Vamos a introducir 4 artículos a estrenar en ultima. 1.Centurion/Battle Una sonrisa maligna debe aparecer en la cara al leer el nombre de esta poderosa unidad nueva. Hace exactamente lo que usted espera que haga aumentar la velocidad de la batalla en un 50% en lugar del anterior máximo de aumento de velocidad del 40% en el V101 y Heavenly / Battle. Prepárese para masacrar los monstruos a la velocidad de Sonic! DROP: YELLOW / GIRTABLULU ORAN / KONDRIU SKYLY / EPSILON WHITILL / DARK FALZ Trap Search No eres un androide? No quieres usar un armor/shield para revelar las trampas? No busque más! no te lleves sorpresas desagradables como estar congelado entre 5 hildetorrs que despertaron de su siesta diaria ... Gracias a esta pieza ingeniosa de la tecnología, las trampas se pueden observar kilómetros más adelante sin tener que llevar trap visions. DROP: VIRIDIA / BARANZ GRINHILL / BARANZ BLUEFULL / MORFOS Psycho crystal Un nuevo tipo de cristal se ha descubierto en Ragol. Y qué mejor que hacer de vuelta todo lo que encuentre a una nueva arma? Así es, ¡nada! Este cristal puede ahora ser usado para crear el poderoso PSYCHO RAVEN y se utiliza en la MASTER RAVEN No vamos a estropear demasiado sobre esta pistola la única manera de averiguar su verdadero poder ... Obtener la caza! DROP REDRIA / MORFOS Powermage Saber "lOS forces tienen miedo de que sus manos se ensucien, asi que utilizan hechizos para atacar desde lejos..." La próxima vez que escuche a alguien decir esto, sacalos a dar un paseo en el bosque ... Esta arma le ganará a todos sus argumentos, Al presentar el arma cuerpo a cuerpo más fuerte para los force. la Blood Sword. Es hora del espectáculo! DROP PINKAL / SAINTMILLION monstruos con aumento de fuerza y defensa / Gracias ANDRE para el translation!
  12. EVENT STARTS THIS SUNDAY! 21/04/2012 Ok so.... apparently I decided to go kamikaze on my account and well eventually this idea was born truth be told I can't even keep my bank clean and well there's always something someone else wants and well I suddenly craved to return to lv 1 again.... so I said to myself.... EVERYTHING MUST GO! o.o but giving you the items straightforwardly would be so lame... I just had to go out with a bang :3 therefore I'm gonna make a server-wide event where the major prize is my inventory. The event is the DYG challenge, the ruling can be seen on this topic: http://www.phantasys...mode-challenge/ however this time it's gonna be a team of 12 players vs the entire server. the rewards? you can choose any item from here: http://www.phantasys...and-opening-xd/ NO STRINGS ATTACHED! You want something? ask out! take note however the team of 12 gets to choose first, if the defending team of 12 wins, they get to keep the items they want, if they loose all the users who entered the room (win or lose) get the first pick. remaining items will be given first come first serve! BATTLE OBJECTIVES! TEAM MEMBERS: 12. KILLS FOR VICTORY: 30 If the defending team is wiped out, all raiders (players) who participated will get to choose items first! either way you all get an items :3 A FEW RULES TO TAKE IN MIND! The rules from DYG apply here, but this being a major event I added some extra ruling: 1. the defending team of 12 player can only have a MAXIMUM OF 6 level 200 players! meaning choose your members wisely! the remaining 6 players can be lv 199 and lower. 2. NO Resta, or Megid! FO's can be quite a drag in combat and you know it XD 3. NO Dark Weapons! meaning you're not allowed the use of Dark Flow or Meteor (or bridge for the matter LOL) HU's and RA's im not gonna go easy on you as well! 4. You are allowed to heal, via mates and fluids, however you are not allowed to restock in between combat nor go to the medic to heal. (if a player is running low on resources you can switch with another member who has mates left,) 5. you cannot give mates or fluids to another member, however the use of star atomizers is allowed. (up to 3 per player) 6. certain gear will be prohibited, (I'd like some users to tell me which gear and weapons to prohibit, because some gear can make battles easy as pie) 7. the player who deals the FINAL KILL (like killing the 30th raider, or killing the 12'th and final defender) gets to choose 3 items from my tradelist o.o 8. The 7 rules I just listed apply to the raiders as well! (ANYONE who enters the room to challenge the 12 players is considered a raider, and will be allowed to fight only if he or she agrees to the ruling) aside from that. ALL survival tactics, are allowed and please no swearing, keep it cool btw can someone translate this? (lazy LOL)
  13. Since there is many Teams, I was thinking that there should be an Event For Teams to Compete against each other in a battle or simply Team Co-op mode where they find their way out of a maze. With this, other Teams not participating can bet mesetas on either team thats participating in the event. The winning Team should get prizes equally splitting among the Participating members (Maybe Mesetas or 1 PD each). Losing team should get a consolation prize for their efforts. Well, thats what i have in mind >.<
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