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Found 21 results

  1. Mags 1:15 pds White nidra 5/150/45/0 pb: M&Y, Estlla, Pilla Purple nidra 5/150/45/0 pb: M&y, Estlla, Pilla Dreamcast 5/0/0/195 ADEPT x4 1:20 pds
  2. S> Cent/Battle 20 DTS! Stellar Shard 10 DTS! PosT 10 DTS! Blank Psycho Ravens 15 DTS! Min Wedding Dress 10 DTS! Looking to get DTs! Post or PM! Thanks in advance! (I'm willing to take PDs also @ 6.6PDs per 1 DT! Mainly looking for DTs though!)
  3. yeyy

    S> ADEPT

    Hey, I'm selling an adept for 27 pds. PM me if you wanna trade ^^ [[EDIT]] -- The adept is sold.
  4. yeyy

    S> ADEPT

    I am selling an adept for 25 pd's. If you message me, I'd respond much faster [[EDIT]] I have one more adept bois, better hurry!
  5. Envien PM
  6. PM
  7. Abisai21

    B> Adept.

    B> Adept for 25 PDs Please inbox me.
  8. B>Adept (closed) (closed) (closed) (closed) (closed) (closed)
  9. Please PM me for the fastest response, I do not check this thread often. For Sale/Trade: Weapons: Vivienne [0/0/35/0|45] - 4 PDs 8x Charge Vulcans [0/5/0/0|40] - 2 PDs each 20x Charge Gatling [5/0/0/0|50] - 2 PDs each Hit Frozen Shooter: Hit Ophelie Seize: Cannon Rouge: Non-Rare weapons: Units: Adept - 25 PDs 10x Centurion/Power - 2 PDs each 2x Heavenly/Arms - 1 PD each 10x Cure/Paralysis - 1 PD each Armor/Shields: 3x S-Parts ver2.01 Aura Field (4 slots) - 2 PDs Lieutenant Mantle (4 slots) - 2 PDs Misc Stuff: 4x Cell of Mag 213 3x Parts of RoboChao 4x Heart of Opa Opa 3x Heart of Kapu Kapu 2x Pioneer Parts 10x HP Material (5:1) 99x Mind Material (5:1) 10x Power Material (5:1) 147x Monogrinder (20:1) 69x Digrinder (10:1) 31x Trigrinder (7:1) Techs: Want: PDs DTs Stuff I want but can't afford right now:
  10. TBMPremiere


    B>Adept PM Me Kind Regards
  11. Hola, ayer alas 5 am aproximadamente me fui a dormir y tenia mis unidades completas en mi personaje Megumi slot 4 GC 42093732 .. PEro hoy al revisar me faltaba una, un adept, y me di cuenta porque no podia usar unas armas por falta de ata. Espero me puedan ayudar.
  12. Heyya! I'm getting back into PSO, and I need some gear to get me started! Please post below if you have any FO gear for a level 150-ish, especially if you have one of these... MG+ Adept(s) Glide Divine Striker of Chao (and anything that a FOnewm could use to extend Resta's range) level 29/30 techs Thanks!
  13. Just finished unlocking this. Would like two in exchange or 1 and some pd's. Just to be clear. MY adept for YOUR limiter. Not looking to trade unless I am getting a limiter. For the moment anyways. Thanks.
  14. At level 200 most classes will have sonic team armor and red ring equipped most of the time putting their resistances to 110/110/110/85/85 so that gives you full immunity to all elemental attacks except light and dark ones. I notice a lot of max stat plans have using adept to max out being more optimal than centurion/arms because of the 6 resistances. What I'm wondering is what difference 91 resistance in light and dark will make. What do you survive or have a better chance of surviving with 6 more resistances in light and dark. Of course if you want full immunity you equip a wizard/resist.
  15. Looking for some necessary force equipment! Could also use lvl 30 techniques. PM if you are selling anything. My in game characters are Xyphoze(Ranger, Greenill) and Xylus(Force, Pinkal).
  16. Hello players from Ultima! Welcome to my unsealing service! What I Will Unseal + Prices: |Limiter > ADEPT| - 5 PD's |Lame D'argent > Excalibur| - 5 PD's |Swordsman Lore > Proof of Sword Saint| 5 PD's |Sealed J-Sword > Tsumikiri J-Sword| 8 PD's If you have kills on the item you want unsealed already, just let me know and we will alter the price Contact me through pm if you would like any of the items above unsealed. In a short 5 or so days I should have the item you wanted unsealed! (SJS may take a bit longer ) Souls Needed on Items: Limiter: 20,000 Souls Lame D'argent: 10,000 Souls Swordsman Lore: 20,000 Souls Sealed J-sword: 23,000 Souls
  17. Here's a list of some things I'm willing to sell, which I'll update very frequently. Most prices I list are negotiable. You can find me in game as any of the names in my signature, if you see anything you want, feel free to PM me, comment here or meet me in game with an offer. Ctrl+f is your friend For Sale: PROOF OF SONIC TEAM (Offer) Weapons Armor Shields Units Techs Other Wants: Photon Drops Bringer's Arm Glide Divine Limiter Level 30 techs
  18. NOFEAR

    S> limiter

    Up for auction a brand new & fresh from Astark Limiter with 0 kills. Dont forget this unit is a must for almost every class. Post your bids in topic please (NO PMs) and in PDs. Just want photon drops. Auction will finish in 2 days, high bidder will win the unit with no reserves. Here a countdown : Remaining Time Good Luck and thanks for bidding! CHB : Dao
  19. Edit: Found a glitched item in my bank, hopefully its sufficient proof? Character Slot is number 4, Id is 91330. Rollback time would need to be 00:45:50 on 24th December, Timezone: London GMT Hi, I just disconnected from the server, only when I came back some of my items were missing. Items were on my RAcast. The items are: Electro Frame 4 slot v101 Adept Heavenly/Ability x2 Standstill Shield Opa Opa Mag (35/120/45) Here's the log from when I found out: (playing with Shini and Raimundo) 0:56:54 42091330 KaiSa glitchy as fuuu 00:56:55 42089601 raimundo ready 00:56:59 42091676 Shini yeah 00:57:02 42091676 Shini and yes 00:57:03 42091676 Shini lol 00:58:04 42091330 KaiSa i just lost loads of stuff 00:58:08 42091676 Shini ? 00:58:16 42091676 Shini how? 00:58:24 42091330 KaiSa dc'd and lost 00:58:27 42091676 Shini ??? 00:58:38 42091330 KaiSa electro frame, standstill, heavenly abil x 2 00:58:39 42091676 Shini anyting valuable? 00:58:44 42091676 Shini O.o 00:58:49 42091330 KaiSa adept, v101, lvl 200 mag 00:58:50 42091676 Shini o.O 00:58:55 42091676 Shini no way 00:58:59 42091676 Shini how that possible 00:59:02 42091330 KaiSa yes 00:59:07 42091330 KaiSa idk 00:59:12 42091676 Shini damn 00:59:27 42091330 KaiSa i g2g 00:59:31 42091676 Shini k 00:59:31 42091330 KaiSa i need to find mod 00:59:33 42091676 Shini sorry... 00:59:41 42091676 Shini mio is in lobby 00:59:45 42091676 Shini talk to him If you need more info, let me know.
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