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Found 3 results

  1. Hola, ayer alas 5 am aproximadamente me fui a dormir y tenia mis unidades completas en mi personaje Megumi slot 4 GC 42093732 .. PEro hoy al revisar me faltaba una, un adept, y me di cuenta porque no podia usar unas armas por falta de ata. Espero me puedan ayudar.
  2. At level 200 most classes will have sonic team armor and red ring equipped most of the time putting their resistances to 110/110/110/85/85 so that gives you full immunity to all elemental attacks except light and dark ones. I notice a lot of max stat plans have using adept to max out being more optimal than centurion/arms because of the 6 resistances. What I'm wondering is what difference 91 resistance in light and dark will make. What do you survive or have a better chance of surviving with 6 more resistances in light and dark. Of course if you want full immunity you equip a wizard/resist.
  3. Edit: Found a glitched item in my bank, hopefully its sufficient proof? Character Slot is number 4, Id is 91330. Rollback time would need to be 00:45:50 on 24th December, Timezone: London GMT Hi, I just disconnected from the server, only when I came back some of my items were missing. Items were on my RAcast. The items are: Electro Frame 4 slot v101 Adept Heavenly/Ability x2 Standstill Shield Opa Opa Mag (35/120/45) Here's the log from when I found out: (playing with Shini and Raimundo) 0:56:54 42091330 KaiSa glitchy as fuuu 00:56:55 42089601 raimundo ready 00:56:59 42091676 Shi
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