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  1. Gurei

    Easter Event 2021

    Aye, thanks for the event. RNG was fickle like always, but at least I had "a blast" bothering @Kotta more than usual :^) Also green names for longer are always nice-u
  2. Very Hard - Episode 1 - Yellowboze - Vol Opt - Virus Shield: Vol Opt
  3. Hey there man! Welcome! I also joined quite recently so I'm in similar scenario like You, but I'm especially glad that new people like us join the server (to boost playerbase). The community here is great and super helpful for new players, so I hope You will have blast here just like me.
  4. Not gonna be a killjoy, but look my at Hunter's name (not that I'm the one that's supposed to say that, I personally didn't knew it was You until It was too late, daddy Craptor is still same even on forums :^) ) As I mentioned, I managed to get a Lindcray But thanks anyway! No hit, but still happy about getting anything with my cursed RNG
  5. Haha, thanks for the tips, overall FOmar was my nostalgia pick from old times I played the game - I can't say I'm disspointed, but more like I expected something else from his gameplay, maybe its because it's Ultima and seems a bit different from vanilla (or maybe I'm just too picky, or maybe spamming banana cannon on a Force character kinda ruined its image for me). Overall I'm making a RAmar on the side - which i always wanted, and will be my main focus, and currently using FOmar to farm anything really. As for Godricks lack of Dark resists Im already feeling it I managed to ge
  6. Hey everybody! I'm the new guy here Well, not exactly new to the game itself, as I was playing on Scht a few almost 10 years back (and my adventure there ended on....well, pretty obvious note) so I kinda know the basics, but I feel completely alienated to the game itself after all this time, especially on this server which introduces lots of custom stuff which I think is really cool and makes re-learning the game very interesting I think it should be in good manner to at least say "hello" to the community over here, even though it feels quite late - I got really hooke
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