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  1. Hey sheik im intererested Rafoie lvl 20, Razonde lvl 20 and Zalure lvl 20! tellme when you can meet up online regards sixtenbruce my char on psobb is Camilla.
  2. I'll take that centurion/power then! how much you want for it?
  3. Hey Kush do still have that centurion/power?
  4. if you are still selling, could I have that cent/power?
  5. ok nice! wanna meet online my in-game name is Camilla
  6. I want too buy a stellar shard!
  7. could i have that liberta kit? regards Sixten
  8. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    I saw the donations and I sent you 2 dt.
  9. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    how do i send dts without the donation site up?
  10. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    yes i'm as killroy
  11. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    I have my dt now, thanks to Soly. could i buy that blueblack stone for 2 dt and 25 dt for 30% hit on my chrush cannon?
  12. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    do you mean Soly and Larva?
  13. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    what shall i do with my 54 dt that i bought?
  14. sixtenbruce

    R-78 shop

    there seems to be something wrong with donating. I donated 27 dt first and that didn't work so I tried again and it didn't work either
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