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    Hit Weapons; Hit Weapons; Hit Weapons; Hit Weapons; a pair of PGF to be complete, then PGFs to sell cheap; STAs to sell cheap; Photon Spheres; Photon Drops; Desperate need of Luck forever;
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  1. Selling a silly Bank stacking with Scape Doo-Doolls for 20PDs/2DTs


    Owari no more Onion Dolls :OOOOOOO :onion106:

    These bad bois love hanging with bad bois onions :onion-head82: but my banks are not :onion-head28:



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    2. applesaucin



    3. Kotta


      Welp, there goes a bank of dolls away :onion-head35:


      [well, anyways :rf-12:]


      Selling 2 more banks of scape dolls, and one more Is on their way :rf-02: 


      All for the sake of cleaning me :onion-head66:

    4. Kotta


      Meant to edit, but did I say selling? More like I'm cleaner than bosses after christmast payday :onion-head47:


      Welp, let's see how the refill goes :onion-head70:

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