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  1. Ok Soly, if you make sure the TA times are saved per user/quest in the db I'll make the data fetching code and the frontend webpage. Perhaps we can have the leaderboards reset every 3 months or so to give everyone motivation to give it a try.
  2. Welcome to Ultima, and I like your username
  3. Simple : foreach stage in ta_stages: print stage + ': Sylph'; But on a serious note, yeah it wouldn't be too bad.
  4. Enjoy the lower level stages, this game was never made to rush the endgame.
  5. Which launcher are you using?
  6. Welcome to Ultima, hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. chuk

    Best pun wins!

    I've always liked the boss vol opt. He's a real shocker.
  8. Reinstall your keyboard drivers. Have any other issue with other games?
  9. Hello and welcome to Ultima. Hope you enjoy playing this game online with our community.
  10. No, you can renew it as long as you can prove that you still use it.
  11. I doubt a big company like SEGA would be sloppy with their patent and trademark renewals. Especially in economically big countries.
  12. Probably the freeze resistance of a monster. Just a wild guess though.
  13. Are you using a gamepad/controller? Or any custom skins?
  14. Could it be you are using motionjoy? It is known to be somewhat unstable with PSO, especially when a disconnection occurs. There is a better drive to use (or at least for PS3 Controllers, not sure about PS4 ) http://playstation-controller-driver-for-64bit-windows.en.lo4d.com/
  15. A picture of a zero divide to describe Soly's programming talents ;D Joking, Soly's a great programmer ^^
  16. Yeah, sometimes it can eat an item due to a hard to reproduce bug. I'd say it's more stable than it used to be but sitll not as safe as your regular bank.
  17. Performing a DELETE query in the database on your character data would do the trick. x)
  18. We are aware there is a bug in the mag evolution when it is changed to another character around its evolving level. Ask a GM ingame to swap this mag with you.
  19. Link is broken D: That or my work blocked off the image host.
  20. True, you beat me on colors. And why is this one not the default you ask, well it doesn't include DAR and I'm not even sure if Larva has updated it. Should tell him to re-run my droptable parser to be sure.
  21. But we already have a droptable : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/droptable_filters.php
  22. The easiest way to mke friends in this game is to join an active team.
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