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  1. Did you install any custom ogg packs? It's possible your installation is corrupted. You should try re-installing the game to have clean sound files.
  2. Also, do you get an error message before the game closes?
  3. Most of the stability changes are behind the scene. Many bugs have already vanished and ofcourse players only notice the ones that remain instead of the ones that are gone.
  4. What email domain are you using (the part of your email after the @)? Sometimes mails take a while to arrive or get put in the junk folder.
  5. Welcome to ultima, the step from offline to online is bigger than you think. You'll see that you still have a lot to discover about this game.
  6. Happy to see the good old ultima reaper made it into the event. It's almost tradition by now ^^
  7. Purely stat-wise speaking, HUmar is at the lower end of the class spectrum. However with the right gear and skill, you won't notice an extremely big difference in endgame with other classes as long as you don't do Time attack runs. So if you don't take the game that seriously and just play for fun, without caring about efficiency, HUmar is a perfectly viable choice.
  8. Do you happen to have any custom skins for that character?
  9. It's not like PSOBB loads extremely high resources/textures. It's as Soly says, the real bottleneck for most players is the CPU as the game itself does not make use of the graphics card very efficiently. I don't even think you would increase the loading time of the area's as some waiting timers are simply hardcoded in the client. Probably to avoid concurrency issues.
  10. The banner you made is now live on the ultima main webpage! I feel like I should make the website background a bit darker now though.
  11. Truly awesome! If there is one thing I would change it's the ultima Logo (should be a bit brighter/bigger). Appart from that, I love it. And Evie/Soly approves too
  12. Well as most players from back in the days played offline, they have never seen or heard from dark weapons. I'm more thinking of a simple saber/handgun/cane as we've all been there. ^^"
  13. Already looks very good, personally I would like something with a bit more 'action' for example the 3 base classes fighting against booma's. What I'm trying to achieve is that people that played this game in the past immediately get a nostalgia shot when they see the website. This is a request so tell me what it is you'd like in return for a worked out banner.
  14. First of all, great initiative! Just an Idea, but we should get a prettier banner for the main website page, something containing the ultima logo but being a bit more artistic that would blend in well with the site layout. Size is 940x224 I should check but I think I got a couple of HS left on my account, but I'm sure we can arrange a nice reward.
  15. Sorry, saw this topic too late. I suppose Larva already applied it.
  16. Great to have you joining us. Welcome to ultima
  17. people dream child bull's eye And that's about all the kanji I recognize from my Japanese learnings. Either way, welcome to Ultima ^^
  18. You stubborn one xD We'll add DAR to it soon.
  19. chuk

    Hi there!

    Welcome to Ultima. Enjoy your stay
  20. Go for it, all help is welcome and will save us some time too.
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