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  1. Ok, I'll give a diska a try, though it pains me to do so. I played Cast mostly in the DC one, but I'm fond of the HUmar so that's what I went with, as I like to be able to heal (we both run mars, so we can heal one another) and whatnot. So on another note, is it still possible to have a higher level player grab things like "GOD POWER" to lowers? Like, I have four slots and even found a rare but I am nowhere near enough ATP to use it.
  2. So is my best bet for trying to help my buddy AoE down in TTF (he's playing a RAmar) just a sword? I tend to have trouble hitting them all, and I don't have a high enough polearm to justify using it. For context as to my ignorance in this area, the last time I leveled, Hunters could use spread needle.
  3. Thanks for the information, I appreciate your response - I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I've noticed that at around level 32, I've hit a bizarre place where I can't really do Hard, because boomas can three shot me, and even with a +6 buster, I take a while to kill them, but normal doesn't really yield much in the realm of experience to get me higher. I'm trying to level a MAG, but it's slow going where I'm not wealthy to just buy a shit ton of Trimates to feed it. I thought it was, but yes, I was looking for a proper kakugan in black+red, looks neat though. I recently did a full-blown nose-dive into Tokyo Ghoul, having watched the animated production in January and from there going a little bit extreme with it, but now I'm current. I love Furuta/Kichimura the most, and I am just in love with Sui Ishida's cover art, he is very talented. Looks good on your end though! You're very welcome, I truly can't express to you already (my friend and I played over five hours straight this morning and we spent nearly the whole time reminiscing about playing the Dreamcast version) how much of a great nostalgia trip this has been. I vaguely remember some of these more intricate things, like the tricky process of getting Kireek's scythe, the Orotiagito, and in the GCN game, making Sange and Yasha, but I can't recall all of that stuff. Is there a good, efficient, or otherwise recommended way to level? I googled and found the praise for the whole Towards the Future thing, which I'm guessing is effective because of the "Diablo" factor - in that it's very enemy-dense, so you can get a lot of experience in short order if you can clear quickly. Also, what's the difference between the Ultima/server version of the quest and the original? Thanks again for all the responses, and for keeping this going!
  4. Thank you my friend, I'll look around for the terminology guide. I appreciate the response, I feel a little better equipped now - but then I started playing, looked at some info, remembered the importance of Section ID and am now trying to come up with the right name for the character I made. On an unrelated note, what is that avatar? I had a thought, but the eye isn't what I expected so I think I'm wrong.
  5. Hi there, A friend of mine and I just made the spontaneous decision to play this - we are both around 31 now, but when we were kids, we played the US release of PSO on Dreamcast every other day after school and we even imported "Version 2" when the Japanese one came out because my mother worked at a local video game store at the time, and we had a blast for a long, long time. Unfortunately, we never really made it too far into the Gamecube "Episode 1 and 2" that came out, so a ton of the content in this game that was part of that version was lost to me, but I still remember some of the things I loved, which is mostly summed up in Last Survivor turning into a giant combat knife, and the updated combat animations for some weapon+class types (I hated the sword attacks the male hunters used in PSO DC, but I liked how it looked in the GCN one) - all of that stuff was cool. So fast-forward around....14 years, and we're trying to figure this out. On that note, I'd like to first express my gratitude to whomever it is that makes this possible, since after reading various forum threads and guides, I've come to learn that a good deal more than just hosting a server is going on here, and for that I salute you. Second, I tried looking for one, but I couldn't find like a good, definitive, terms-defined guide for completely ignorant new players. Now I don't mean clueless about the game or the basic mechanics and buttons (still can't get my wireless elite controller to work, but that's for another day) but some of the server features and other things. So, I noticed there's a boosted xp rate - is that just always on and it doesn't matter how you're playing/what episode/or "one-person" mode? Two, what content exactly is in this version of the game, is it up to the Dreamcast "Version 2" or does it contain the Gamecube release's content too, or was there some completely different set of content for the PC version? Finally, I somewhat recall how to progress through the game and unlock the additional areas, but I can't exactly remember the game-flow, is there somewhere I can read all of this or is any guide of general applicability from the past usable? Thank you all for forming a community around this and my gratitude to anyone who has any information, I do apologize if I'm just blind and missed an obvious "completely clueless new player" post.
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