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  1. everytime i equit the banana cannon i get connectin terminated. GC 42009203 slot 4
  2. the cat ear actually looks really cool on my char. im loving it. have fun you guys
  3. great event. pd+weapon+upgrade+cyane=goodstuff
  4. my time is pacific time. i can be online at 10;00 am today. if that work for you reply.
  5. i can sell you a red ring for 40pd, if that work for you.
  6. thank you for keeping up the hard work
  7. awsome topic. its too bad im in the process of moving. everything is packed.
  8. im am very happy to see the ultima server doing good.

  9. my final offer is HS 40/0/0/30 45hit + 100 soul 0/0/45/0 40hit + 99pd
  10. This is a useful weapon if you love playing hunters with dark flow
  11. my offer is now 99pd + 100 soul 0/0/45/0 40hit
  12. Oh yea it's getting excited. I'll up my offer when I get home from work
  13. make sure you guys fully cook those eggs. if not. you just might pay the price in the bathroom.

    1. ultrajerky


      ty fatmans, i will fully cook my bathroom next time i egg.

    2. Cyane


      but if you cook you have melted rappy D:

    3. Colt


      Think of melted rappies like melted sugar Peeps. Sure to have plenty of those coming up this Easter :)

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