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  1. fatboy


    i have one nyc. how much pd ya paying?
  2. my offer for the 55hit bow 99pd 1 chormatic orb and 10dt
  3. fatboy


    i have a few tech lv30 but i have to check
  4. fatboy


    i can sell you one
  5. i can trade a bannana for the 45hit angel harp if your up for it.
  6. sure i can sell you one.
  7. when ever you ready to trade. you know i have it.
  8. i do have 2 soul eater. 30/30/0/20 10pd 0/0/25/0 35hit 20pd
  9. got one 35/0/30/0 i say 15pd is a fair price
  10. sure ill do the limiter deal
  11. fatboy


    sure i can sell you a limiter. let me know when we can meet online. im on pacific time zone
  12. start at 20pd ends on friday 11/18/16
  13. feed me as fast as that black dude punching that dude then its yours
  14. i got one for you 0/35/0/0
  15. offer lame d argent 0/0/35/0 35hit
  16. i can sell you a orb for 99pd if that works for you?
  17. how about an banana canon for it?
  18. sure ill sell my banana cannon for 99pd
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