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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I haven't made my character yet, but when I do I'll edit this post with the IGN.
  2. Sup guys! I was a former DC/GC player who recently got the itch to play PSO. Life's been kind of sucking lately, so I'm working part time and felt very nostalgic about PSO and decided to try and revisit it and check some things off the PSO bucketlist with chill people. Not hating on Ephinea, but I got two characters to high lvl there and it started becoming very elitist, my way or the highway, BiS, intolerant know it alls at the higher levels-- I will say the lower-mid level experience was pretty awesome and chill for the most part and met a lot of cool people. But not even reaching 200, I was just tired of the Elitist attitude there. A lot of it was just cliquey, circle jerk, hiveminds unable to comprehend that maybe something is better than their META at a particular point in time. I just want to play PSO, get cool gear, and chill.
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