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  1. secoever

    R-78 mall

    Heya! I'd like to buy some of your items: 47 sword ZANBA [35/0/0/45|0] 11pd 48 sword ZANBA [0/0/40/35|0] 10pd 75 gun YASMINKOV 7000V [0/40/0/35|0] 2pd 29 gun YASMINKOV 7000V [40/0/25/0|0] [Untekked] 3pd 30 gun LINDCRAY [0/0/35/30|0] [Untekked] 85% 50pd 115 sword Fury of the Beast [0/0/35/0|0] [Untekked] 45% 25pd
  2. I'm interested in 0|0|45|50|0 Lindcray
  3. I'd like to buy them please.
  4. How many limiters do you have?
  5. For one player it seems to happen mid run, for me it seems to happen at the very end or near it. Is there a chance that having multiple accounts open at once would cause this issue? My other account either has a character sitting in a game/lobby.
  6. While running challenge mode, the time bugs at some point during the run for some or all of us. And it always sets it to 9:59:59 if it does. We've had this happen on stage 2,3, and 4 so far. Is there any way to fix this bug? It's making this impossible for us. While rerunning a stage fixes it, it becomes a huge waste of time, and it could happen again. Attached is a photo of an example. Thank you for your time.
  7. Heya Jade. I decided to finish the rest of these this morning. Here they are! I have to give it to classic Rati.
  8. secoever


    How much for a spread needle? Spread Needle 0/0/25/30/0 NoHit
  9. Thanks, I'll go Oran then. I didn't realize Heavenly was a tier up from God, which makes me regret Redria a bit.
  10. Which Section IDs should I have? I might make a total of 4 characters, 3 Hunters and 1 Ranger. I'm thinking Redria, Skyly, Purplenum, and maybe Oran for turning Lavis Cannon (syncestas) into Double Cannon and Aura Field. Or I could get different IDs if I trade with people, but I don't know anyone yet. I'm just not familiar with Episode 4 drops as I've never played BB.
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