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  1. davell

    B>Cent Arms

    I got it. Lock pls
  2. davell

    B>Cent Arms

    I'm currently in a room B>Cent Arms. Looking for 1. Thanks
  3. I'll return the AS. awesome weapon, thx for letting me use.
  4. I'll add my master sword to the bank. I would like to borrow a min red ring and asteron striker.
  5. Cal i got 30 pow mats for you whenever you get on.
  6. davell

    S> Many items

    I dc'd twice trying to enter your room ._.
  7. davell

    S> Many items

    ill take the 4addslot
  8. Go outside? There's nothing good to hunt there.
  9. Haven't been on for a few days and I need to claim my s-rank prize from the 99 item event xD. When is a good time to catch Kajex or anyone else who can do it?

    1. davell


      Im not in a hurry lol. Im just letting it be known. Ill be on sometime later tonite for quite a bit

  10. davell

    KajeX's Shop

    ok ill take a panther spirit if u still have it
  11. On average it takes like 4 full wrath of forest runs to get 1 gobooma arms x_x
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