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  1. i will be on again .....-_-

    1. Zeph


      See you when you are.

  2. my son was born tonight at 10:22 pm. glad to finally have him here.

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    2. birdman0


      gracias everyone

    3. emirpoen


      Goodluck man.

    4. Larva


      congrats a baby is the biggest bless you can ever get.

  3. would be great for xbox and ps3 for offline play wonder how much theyre going to charge for online gameplay
  4. pso2 is only going to be for pc platform. (at the time being anyway)
  5. i just noticed this part of the forum thought id take the time to introduce meself im justin ive been playing pso for just a few years though i love it great way to get rid of anxiousness as i await test scores and what not but i started playing on this server bout three years ago and due to some crap had lost internet but im back i love this server best one out there love the people that are here will enjoy this for years to come so long as there is a place to play o.o
  6. disable audio use low graphics. have windows 7 laptop myself got terrible lag til i disabled the sound and used low graphics.
  7. is it possible to change the name of a character???
  8. birdman0


    i did all that and now im getting a gameguard runtime error x.x i would download the ultima installer but it would take a day to download because im on a wireless connection >.<
  9. birdman0


    i meant that i took out the schthack psobb folders the patch came with a data folder and i put that one in
  10. birdman0


    so ive been playing on schthack server and i recently like 10 minuites ago downloaded the patch for ultima. i changed all the exe's took out the folders all that good stuff loaded the online.exe and it crashed with the message PsoBB.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. how do i fix this?
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